Take a Seat, Play Some Games: Come to Kickstarter’s Couchland at PAX East

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Kickstarter's Couchland
Kickstarter's Couchland

A couch is much more than a piece of furniture. Each couch has a personality, a heart, and a soul. Many of the most pleasant moments of our lives are spent in the warm embrace of a couch. 

And so, at PAX East this year, April 5–8, we wish to welcome you to Kickstarter's Couchland. We will have not one but four couches for you to settle into and play some excellent games — couches from different lands and different times, each with their own personality, all waiting to guide you gently through Couchland.

Here are the games you can expect to encounter at Couchland:

But there will be more than just games and couches in Couchland. We've also scheduled a series of small talks by excellent people who wish to inform and enlighten. Rob Daviau of Restoration Games wants to make you scones; game developer Swery wants to make you coffee; and Indie MEGABOOTH’s Kelly Wallick wants to make you sane. Each talk is set for an audience of just twelve folks, so they’ll be warm and informative.

Gaze deeply into the eyes of this incredible list of speakers:
(click to enlarge)

Come to Couchland: imbibe some wisdom, play some games, sink into some couches.

See you there!
Luke Crane, Anya Combs, and Alex Hudson

Find the Kickstarter Games team in Room 103, Concourse Level, BCEC. 

Can’t make it to PAX East? Follow along on Kickstarter’s Instagram Stories.