Surprise! A Visit From What Happens When

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What happens when co-founder/designer Emilie Baltz, of experimental pop-up restaurant What Happens When (waka waka waka), shows up at your office door with her head pastry chef and three tubs full of cookies in tow? Well, let us be the first to tell you: you grab a paper towel, a cup of milk, and you eat, and eat, and eat (with intermittent breaks for laughter, natch).

We’re pretty sure we’re not alone when we say that there’s few things in life more exciting than the delivery en masse of delicious, freshly baked cookies. This kind of made our day/week/lives. Thank you, Emilie! I’d say more, but, you know, “can’t talk/eating” etc.

Emilie and head pastry chef, Jeff Systma.

the spread:
“Oreo” Macaron

- chocolate almond flour, vanilla buttercream

Vanilla Shortbread

- classic, scottish, butter, flour vanilla, crumble

Toasted Almond Biscotti

- butter, eggs, flour, sugar, almond, lemon zest, calvados

in a word: YUM.

kickstarter staff digs in, no plates!

Big smiles all around. It’s hard not to grin when you’ve got a cookie in hand!

Daniella’s grin/this photo care of Emilie Baltz.

Photo credit: Emilie Baltz

This is kind of Pavlovian of us, but now we get a little bit too excited every time the doorbell rings. The things that cookies will do to us!

If these photos have left you craving for more, you can still support What Happens When on Kickstarter here.

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