Supporting an Open Internet

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Kickstarter was built on the foundation of an open Internet. We — like Twitter, Wikipedia, and everything awesome on the Web — would not exist without it. The more than 65,000 (and counting!) creative ideas that have been brought to life with Kickstarter depend on a free and open Internet.

On Sunday I wrote a Washington Post opinion piece sharing Kickstarter's thoughts on how important Net Neutrality is to the future of the Internet, and today we filed an official comment with the FCC. As citizens of the Internet and believers in innovation, we’re proud for Kickstarter to wave this flag. We hope others will also voice their opposition to get the attention of the FCC before they make a decision this fall.

It’s easy to get lost in the minutiae and cynicism of the Net Neutrality debate. It’s everything we hate about politics: money trumping common sense, and the loudest voices being those with the cash to hire lobbyists. Unfortunately, just believing in the common good rarely translates into political influence. But sometimes it does — as we saw with the SOPA victory in 2012, our voices can be powerful when we use them together.

As John Oliver so brilliantly implored us to do, we can all share our feelings with the FCC directly on their site, or through the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s tool. The deadline for this round of comments is July 15.

The Internet as we know it depends on an open Web with equal access for all. That core principle is very much in doubt. Please join us in making a stand — for everyone's sake. Thanks.

    1. Allen Hietala on

      Don't forget you can e-mail your thoughts to :D

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      Anthony Santomenno on

      Totally agree, especially when the Supreme Court is so far behind the times that it isn't funny (except when it totally is!). SEE ALSO: "The Young Turks" on YouTube.

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      Let's save the world, one blogpost at a time!

    4. Phil Statham on

      As an Australian, it is often easy to forget that these (often heavy handed) sweeping legislative decisions from other countries can affect us. But, the fact that they can affect us only supports the idea that we are one world, and that open communication steams - which the internet is still the best example of - must remain subject to internal regulation. Let the user decide!

    5. Marc Burns on

      Have to believe that ultimately if truth can out then freedom will prevail.

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      perry chao on

      Internet should be the free from everything and open and equal to all

    7. Nick Cole on

      As a 61-year old Brit living in London, I've been around the block a few times and IMHO it's the altruistic vision of the young that will always win out over the suits and bean counters. I remember my Dad used to tell me about his youth in London before WW2. He said that they didn't need telling that Hitler was evil. They could tell from the newsreels. If a truly world-shattering discovery is made, it's far more likely to come from Kickstarter than any mega-corp!

    8. Nick Cole on

      An open internet is the oxygen the world needs to breathe!

    9. Kimberly Julien on

      Love that you guys at Kickstarter is adding your voice to get others informed of this very important issue.

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      Frik Strecker on

      The Internet is working. Please don't break it or stifle the great progress.

    11. Reglow on

      Can't exist closed internet, it's nonsense!

    12. Edward Tuan on

      I support net neutrality.

    13. Mathew Edwards on

      Defend net neutrality. We need the Internet to remain a balanced playing field. If a delivery company said to Amazon "we sure carry a lot of your packages. Pay us more to deliver them" Amazon would just go to another delivery company. You can't do that with Internet Access in the US so they can pretty much do whatever they like.

    14. David Matthew Edge on

      I spend blocks of time in two different countries each year, and feel the difference between search results based on engine analysis of national preferences. This unequal access to Internet contents is frustrating already at this level, so I shudder to imagine that results and Internet performance could be even more unbalanced at the whim of interest groups and corporations. Internet is a platform with real possibilities for democratic expression and must be moved further in this direction, not away from it.

    15. Kelly Leigh King on

      I work in politics and if I could change one thing with my voice is to make people understand the importance of their own voice. Our freedom is on the line here, our freedom of voice of change. We must keep the internet free for all. The 1%er's in this world would love nothing more then to surpress knowledge. Because lack of knowledge means they can rule without question. Knowledge is power. And knowledge for many is access to a free internet. Please do whatever you can yo spread the word how important net neutrality is for all.

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      Richard on

      Internet is now the part of everyone's life every where in the world students are also taking the help of internet for their

    17. SharenStuart on

      The Internet is working. Please don't break it or stifle the great progress on with the internet access to be utilize on this using for all.

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      Addie Baldric on

      Supporting an open internet.". Because that's what supporting an open internet means nowadays: appointing a cable industry lobbyist to run the FCC. Thanks again,...

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      romuld on

      I agree, the internet should be open to everyone regardless of skin color or gender

    20. Missing avatar

      sandyrobert on

      indeed I believe the online world will be the very last spot in which flexibility of Talk will be tolerated, world wide web neutrality is really a misnomer it truly is about the opportunity to censor not really flexibility, read the expenses

    21. Annu Saxena on

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      Lisa Ray on

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