Studio Tour With The Phantom Limb

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Phantom Limbs “69°S”: The Final Stage — by The Phantom Limb

The Phantom Limb is an award winning, collaborative theater group based in New York City, striving to explore modern life and consciousness through a very unusual lens: the art of marionette puppetry. Their upcoming play, 69° South, is based on the harrowing tale of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s 1914 (ill-fated) trans-Antarctic expedition, and it will be their self-proclaimed “biggest endeavor yet.” Just get a load of this: the final piece will require the creation of “a 21’ hydraulic puppet shipwreck that collapses in three phases,” choreographed dancers, large-scale installation, and, you know, a flaming life-size skeleton puppet. Wow.

I was always intrigued by co-creator Erik Sano’s haunting, eerily captivating marionettes, but when the group recently posted a project update featuring a studio tour they had invited The Gothamist to take, I was truly blown away. Watching Erik’s work come to life is a must see. Watch the video, and head to their project page for more.