Splat! Kickstarter at the 2017 London Design Festival

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“The Making of Products should:
Invite chance and improvisation so that every product is different.
Use experimental processes but be simple in their form.
Be enjoyable and challenging.”

These are a few of the principles that guide Granby Workshop, the architectural ceramics studio founded by Turner Prize-winning design collective Assemble. The workshop grew out of a larger effort to revitalize Liverpool’s Granby neighborhood, producing distinctive architectural materials to renovate local homes and creating new manufacturing jobs within the community. Check out this video to learn more about their process and story.


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Granby Workshop’s latest project, Splatware, is a line of ceramic plates and cups made by squishing together different colors of clay in a massive industrial press. You can see the delightfully unpredictable results in person at Kickstarter’s booth at the London Design Festival’s designjunction fair September 21–24. Assemble and Granby Workshop will be serving baked goods and tea using Splatware, and members of the Kickstarter team will be on hand to hear about the creative projects you’d like to bring to life.





Many other Kickstarter creators will be exhibiting their work during this citywide celebration of design. Here are some highlights from the festival to explore.

After visiting our booth at designjunction, walk around the fair to find Prepd’s elegantly reimagined lunchboxes and Native Union’s minimalist cable organizers. Julio Terra, Kickstarter’s Director of Design and Technology, will talk about the overlap between these two disciplines in his presentation, Where Design Meets Digital, on Thursday, September 21 at 3pm.

If mechanical marvels get your gears turning, check out Kniterate’s digital knitting machine and Crane’s kinetic wooden lamp — both are on display at Machines Room.

At London Design Fair, the emerging designers behind Form & Seek will showcase their diverse line of home goods, launching soon on Kickstarter.

And you can gaze in wonder at Flyte’s levitating lamps, clocks, and planters at Tent London. Designer Simon Morris might even tell you how they work.

Finally, at SCP in Shoreditch, design students from London Metropolitan University are exhibiting four playful products launched on Kickstarter last year. Their professor, designer Peter Marigold, says that Kickstarter is “an open door to young designers — right on their doorsteps.”

If you can’t make it to London to experience all this in person, you can always check out our Design category to see how independent designers are exploring new ideas on Kickstarter.