Some of our Favorite Film Festivals

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It's probably no surprise that we love film festivals at Kicktarter — what better way to celebrate our love of such a wide variety of cinema? Each festival on the list below offers a unique perspective on what a film festival is: some are idiosyncratic, some are expansive, all have something unique to offer. Here are just a few of our favorites.


It's no static event — Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna's documentary road show has screened all over Mexico and Latin America, from the U.S.-Mexico border to the Columbian National Museum in Bogota. This fall they brought the festival north of the border and set up free screenings all over Los Angeles in a variety of unique settings: parks, parking lots, movie theaters, community centers and more. You can see the program at Ambulante's website.

H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival & Cthulhucon 

This Portland, Oregon and San Pedro, California-based celebration of the literary horror and weird tales of H.P. Lovecraft touches not only on filmic adaptations of the author's work, but also on the literary, gaming, art and music scenes devoted to Mr. Lovecraft.


This long-running Wilmington, North Carolina-based festival screens over 200 independent and international films yearly, bringing their filmmakers and artists together to conceive new works and launch new projects, all the while offering artist and audience opportunity to connect at an intimate level.

Horrible Imaginings

The first film festival in San Diego dedicated to macabre cinema and art annually celebrates the world of horror and all its associated sub-genres through a world spanning array of independently made feature and short creations, along with classic revival screenings of genre cinema staples.

Making Waves 

Screening in New York City and Pleasantville, New York, this annual survey of Romania's socially incisive, independently minded personal cinema is the only U.S. film festival dedicated to showcasing and celebrating the best in Romanian contemporary cinema.

Migrating Forms 

Growing out of the long running New York Underground Film Festival, this diverse collection of work bridges the gap between the film, video and art worlds through the common context of cinema.

Robot Film Festival 

The first and, currently, only event of its kind. This San Francisco-based festival is an annual celebration of robots on screen and in performance; nurturing a community of creatives and engineers who explore, document and invent within the world of robotics.

Rooftop Films 

This New York City-based organization has spent the better part of two decades bringing independent film to the rooftops, parks, public plazas and waterways of the city. Through their wide-ranging and varied programs, they are able to support the cultural community in NY — be they artists, filmmakers, musicians, schools, or nonprofit organizations.

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