Smarthistory + Kickstarter

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Smarthistory is a completely free, Webby-award-winning educational resource for the study of art history. Founded in 2005 by Steven Zucker and Beth Harris, two art historians with several decades of teaching experience between them, the website is a testament to the self-made ethos that “conversation is the soul of education.” In lieu of more traditional textbooks and academic discourse, the pair approach their subject matter as they would a friendly discussion, resulting in a growing archive (over 300!) of videos that cover everything from Ancient Cultures to Andy Warhol and beyond.

In celebration of their dialogue-based ideology, we invited the Smarthistory crew (now plus one more, Julianna) over to the Kickstarter office for some coffee talk. You can check out what they had to say in our video, above, and support their ongoing project here.

Video by Alan Del Rio Ortiz.

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