Shocking, Scientific, and Sutnar: November’s Creator Hangouts

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During November’s Creator Hangouts, we got to chat with the Creative Director behind Nevermind, the Co-Founder of OpenROV, and the Editor-In-Chief of Designers & Books.

We talked about everything from our favorite horror flicks, to the promising movement of citizen science. And of course there were a few tips on running, managing, and fulfilling a successful campaign in the mix, too.

Erin Reynolds, the Creative Director of Nevermind 

Erin and Luke (Kickstarter’s Head of Games) had a frightening chat about biofeedback games and all things horror.

  • Some insight from Erin: 
    “It was this amazing validation that there might be something here with this project. People actually want to see it made.”
  • And a quote: 
    “The best kind of horror talks about the real world horrors of everyday life.”

David Lang, the Co-Founder of OpenROV

David and Aurora’s (Kickstarter's Science and Exploration Outreach Lead) chat about underwater exploration and citizen science was inspiring to say the least.

  • A tip from David:
    “Money is one thing, but it’s really about the people. Keep the focus on building the community and do it for the long term.”
  • And a quote:
    “This idea of citizen science, of engaging everyone with the process, holds a ton of potential for getting people involved.”

Steve Kroeter, Editor-in-Chief of Designers & Books 

Steve shared his facsimile reprint of “Ladislav Sutnar: Visual Design in Action” with us and talked about the difference between a crowd and a community.

  • Advice from Steve: 
    “Before something goes wrong, try to anticipate.”
  • And a quote:
    “Kickstarter is the salvation of niche publishing in the 21st century.”

Ready to join our next Hangout? Here’s everything you need to know:

Creator Hangouts are hosted every other Wednesday at 1pm EST (we’ll be trying out a later time soon, too) and you can check out who we’re talking to next right here. You can watch each conversation live through Google Hangouts or follow along as we live-tweet from @KickstarterTips, with the hashtag #CreatorHangouts. Everyone’s welcome to ask questions or add to the conversation! Missed a hangout? We post the recordings on YouTube so you can watch (and rewatch) whenever you’d like. In December, we’re planning to talk with Elaine McMillion Sheldon and more.

If you have questions or know someone you think would make a great guest on Creator Hangouts, talk to us over at @KickstarterTips. Hope to chat with you soon!