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Serial Zines, Super-Fun Sequels: Crap Hound

Good idea: Releasing your zine on Kickstarter.

Great idea: Releasing your zine on Kickstarter, and then coming back to release the next issue. Woo!

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Especially if you’ve got sweet videos, catchy images, and a slew of great rewards to offer backers, it’s a real joy to see successful creators engage their audiences in project sequels. Show & Tell Press, hailing from Portland, OR, has a project going on now for issue 5 of its zine Crap Hound (video above). This issue’s theme is hands, hearts, and eyes, and they’re riding on the heels of the massive support they received for issue 4, which ended back in February (clowns, devils, and bait!). Check out their quirky-cool video from that one too:

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In both projects, Show & Tell set up a solid string of rewards at killer prices. Not only can backers secure themselves a copy of Crap Hound for $15, but here are a bunch of cool offerings for No. 5:


A silkscreened art print t-shirt!

Archival pigment digital prints of hands, hearts, and eyes! (How theme appropriate)

Looking at Crap Hound’s projects is like chowing through a big bowl of hundreds of different types of candy. Tons of goodies, lots of colors and shapes, exciting finds, and sweet sweet sweet. Grab yourself a zine or something else at the project here.