Reward Showcase

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In the past six months our mailboxes have been deluged with more amazing stuff than ever before, all thanks to assorted Kickstarter projects. Here are a couple recent favorites.

The Wonder City is a graphic novel by Courtney Zell and Justin Rivers that re-imagines New York’s entire history. It’s long been one of my favorite projects, and this past week I received a lovingly packaged envelope with my rewards:

The package included a letter-pressed postcard of the Cyclone (the iconic roller coaster in Coney Island), a letter from Courtney and Justin explaining their project and their backers’ roles in helping it, and an original piece of art from the soon-to-be-completed book.

I’ve received a couple of reward packages like it in the past, but this one in particular struck me: before Kickstarter, there’s no way I would have ever had the chance to interact with a creative endeavor like this. We don’t need to be lucky enough to have creative friends or once-in-a-million opportunities to get involved — we can simply support the things that we love. Totally inspiring!

Another fantastic example is Ryan Catbird’s deluxe reissue of Unbunny’s Black Strawberries record. Backers of the project’s $40 deluxe level got quite a treat. Those backers received:

- A t-shirt in their favorite color
- A unique hand-painted cover insert
- An outer sleeve featuring song lyrics inside
- Gold-foil stamp affixed to backside, signed and numbered by Unbunny
- Bonus CD featuring unreleased tracks and demos
- 320kbps download of the album (via download car in tiny envelope)

Here are some unboxing photos:

Finally, I wanted to highlight one other reward that I noticed too late. In Allison Weiss’ response to the Kickstarter Awards, she highlighted the Age of Rockets project as being particularly creative with its offers. We were already into the project’s clever Choose Your Own Adventure style, but then this reward really bowled us over:

We’re bummed that we missed it, but we’re going to find some way to experience this one for ourselves. Another great example of how creatively Kickstarter can be used. Thanks to all the creators!

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