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A single creative, well-priced reward can make a project. No matter how great a project’s pitch, as backers we still care what we get in exchange. We want to feel like our potential benefit from a project’s success is at least somewhat proportional to the creator’s. It’s simple human nature.

The beauty of Kickstarter is that every project gets to decide this for itself. Creators get to determine what’s a commodity and what’s not; they get to decide what constitutes success; and they get to sculpt how best to reward their own audience. Every project creates its own economy.

Some creators have discovered that it’s not necessarily about stuff. It’s involvement. It’s the warm glow. It’s access and feeling special. It’s a token that says, “I value your support. I do not take it lightly. This is how I show my genuine and heartfelt appreciation.” As savvy consumers, we can sniff out sincerity and we’re happy to reward it.

Those are the things that entice me to back. Let me share in your story. Let me feel like I played a role. And let me have some token, some artifact, that solidifies that relationship. And don’t make me pay through the nose for it, either. Every now and then I’ll come across projects offering $15 Twitter shout-outs or $30 thank-you letters and just shake my head.

Browsing the site this morning, I immediately came across five rewards that do all of those things, most of them for less than $10. Take a look:

Lip prints and “a gesture of choreography created in your honor” from Creatures of Habit.

Love this “sponsor a measure” idea from opera singer Bryce Westervelt’s project.

Nothing too crazy, just pieces from an open-source fusion reactor (!!!!!).

Simple, easy, and cheap. Love this one from 1024 bits of you.

The most expensive of these, but well worth it. The Museum Proper puppet project is pretty killer.

What motivates you to back a project? Do you have some great rewards worth sharing? Drop them in the comments!

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