Reward Charm

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You’ve heard us say it before and we’ll say it again: Rewards should provide backers both with fun, tangible gifts and a feeling of involvement. Accomplish both elements and you’ve got a good reward recipe in hand.

But occasionally, another ingredient factors in that gets me falling for a project: charm. Be it a humorous anecdote, a touch of sarcasm, or an endearing string of exclamation points, project creators can grab attention in unexpected ways.

I’m head over heels for Fuel the Dragon Wagon, which offers your name etched into a Grand Marquis turned fire-breathing dragon.

I’m not sure how much my “mystical energy level” will be heightened (though I appreciate the suggestion), but knowing that my name could be parading around the Blue Ridge mountains on a dragon scale sounds swell enough. (The emailed photo is an added bonus.)

When craftiness and humor collide, I’m happy. Check out the first reward for the project Brooklyn —> Berlin: The Return.

The promise of a production still and a chicken-scratch note from the crew makes me smile. It’s personal. It’s cute.

The Girl with Black Balloons’s first reward has a similar effect, offering a kiss I can keep!

Sometimes just a touch of unexpected verbiage gets me, like this from The International Sign for Choking: A Foreign Film.

The “freshly burned, sharpie-labeled DVD” clocks in nicely at market value with a bit of snarky flair to boot.

Now for a thrilling on-the-cheap treat from the Rafiq Bhatia Collective debut album project: an invite to what’s bound to be a stunning jazz ensemble performance (and a private one, no less!).

Priced at just $1, this lowest-tier reward is music to my ears.

That wraps up a short ride through reward world. Keep up the charm, folks!

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