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Every so often we'll pass the mic to a member of our community to give them a chance to talk about the projects they love. This time we've asked Matt Haughey, creator of, and Kickstarter super-backer. Matt has raced bikes in Oregon for ten years, so we asked him to tell us about some of the bike-centric projects he's supported.

 Here are a couple of live projects he's into.

Cam Cycles - Handcrafted wooden bicycle mudguards

"These wood fenders are beautiful and functional, and would add a really nice touch to any city bike you ride."

Takaokami - Rainwear for the urban life style

"Stylish rain gear from Denmark looks amazing and functional. Rain capes and performance commuting gear that doesn't look like the typical stuff."

And here are a few of his all-time favorites, now available directly from the creators.

The Handleband - phones, bikes, and open bottles

"This is a super simple iPhone mount for the stem of a bike. I think I was using an iPhone 4S at the time of backing, and thanks to it being simple stretchy silicon it still works today on my iPhone 6+. It does what it is supposed to do, which is secure your phone while you ride. While I don't use my phone while I ride, it is handy to see the time, or people texting you (when I occasionally glance down) and tracking rides with exercise activity apps."

The Handleband is now available here.

A better bicycle bell, made in the USA.

"This was a nice little Kickstarter project to take every aspect of a bike bell, and perfect it. It's everything they aimed for: tiny, loud, completely maintenance-free, rust-proof, and beautiful. I have a raw stainless steel one on my touring bike and it has saved me several times from inattentive drivers."

Better Bike Bells are now available here.

Magnic Light: Get New Energy!

"These are astonishing – more amazing than I even imagined. They are lights mounted on your bike for riding at night that require no wires or batteries or even switches of any kind, using 'magnetic eddy currents' from rotating metal wheels to power bright LEDs. I was so impressed I made a short video to show a skeptical friend that they really did exist."

Magnic Lights are now available here.

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