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Every week, we round up some of the stories about projects that made the press. We're happy to see them out there in the real world, and excited to share their progress with you! Read on. 

Dave Hogarty penned the "Adventures Urban Planning" section of the 8th annual Curbed Awards, naming the +Pool project among the winners: "The weather may have turned cold, but Curbed's +Pool obsession never cools. The Kickstarter-funded development of this giant plus-shaped addition to the East River waterfront is the best of a series of floating pool designs that have drifted into New York's popular imagination recently."

Creation from the Record Monsters project.
Creation from the Record Monsters project.

The team at MAKE magazine chronicled some of their favorite projects during 2011, including: Printrbot, Trebuchette and Record Monsters: "Though it seems good form to use the umbrella term, for us here at MAKE, so far, 'crowdfunding' essentially means 'Kickstarter.' ... So, formality aside, this post is mostly about our year in kickstarters."

Miles O'Brien of PBS' Newshour reported on the latest with the Safecast project: "Eight months after a tsunami caused a nuclear accident in Japan, ordinary people are using new technology and the power of crowdsourcing to find radiation hotspots."

The control room of Chernobyl reactor No. 4.
The control room of Chernobyl reactor No. 4.

William Sawalich of Digital Photo Pro featured the latest work by Gerd Ludwig's The Long Shadow of Chernobyl photography project noting: "Ludwig has been photographing inside Chernobyl's 30-kilometer exclusion zone since 1992, and his experience is representative of the new way photojournalism works. He used a Kickstarter campaign to finance a recent trip before creating an iPad app to incorporate photos, videos, audio and text into a more complete, more visceral, more authentic way to tell the story. As I swipe the screen to transition from a video inside the reactor to portraits of the disaster's victims, my elevated heart rate is evidence that it works."

Zach Honig of Engadget singled out 10 technology and product design projects that were funded on Kickstarter in 2011 including: Olloclip, Trigger Trap, 6dot Braille Labeler, Teagueduino and Twine, among others. 

Ken Denmead of Wired's "Geek Dad" spotlighted the latest project by Michael Woods: "Evan and Michael of Siege Toys blew us away with their first Kickstarter project, a snap-together siege engine laser cut from wood called the Trebuchette. Taking what they’ve learned from their first project, and adding a sublimely simple idea from their old school mate Marshall, they’re back with a follow-up that may outshine their first go-around."

    1. Patrick O'Neill on

      Thanks for the love Kickstarter! It has been a wild ride for the olloclip from dream to inspiration to Kickstarter to the Apple Store and Best Buy. We could not have done it without you.

    2. Haje Jan Kamps on

      I'm with Patrick on this one - it's been an amazing ride at Triggertrap Towers over the past few months - it's so wildly exciting to get closer to production!

      Stay awesome, and keep up the great work!

    3. Ray on

      There are some really cool ideas and projects here on Kickstarter, but I really wish people would be more innovative in their names. Adding "i" to your name means you lack imagination and are nothing more than a copy cat.

    4. Bob Spaller on

      Hey, Nabes is another Kickstarter and Nabes video sunglasses were just named a TOP 10 TECH TREND for 2012 along with updated iPad and iPhone:
      To bad there was no link to Kickstarter in the artical! Nabes may be the first big success at Kickstarter for 2012!

    5. Remas Haytham on

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      Namaku Keren on

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      Doa Ibu Tersayang on

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