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Every week, we round up some of the stories about our projects that made the press. We're happy to see them out there in the real world, and excited to share their progress with you! Read on. 

The New York Times' "ArtsBeat" published a Q&A with the director of the joyously infectious Girl Walk // All Day project about the film's premiere last week: "Last January, Jacob Krupnick posted online a nearly eight-minute video featuring a young woman with cropped brown hair dancing with abandon on the Staten Island ferry. A few passengers gawk, but for the most part she’s ignored. The video soon went viral. Now, almost a year later, it’s a feature film called Girl Walk//All Day.” 

The cover of Slake's second issue.
The cover of Slake's second issue.
The Los Angeles Times featured the Los Angeles-based literary journal project Slake:"After launching the magazine, getting three issues to shelves and finding a place on the L.A. Times bestseller list, the editors are looking to broaden the magazine's base. To support the next issue of Slake, they are seeking $25,000 in Kickstarter donations. 'Slake is a new way of looking at covering Los Angeles,' co-editor Laurie Ochoa says in one Slake video. 'A new city magazine, literary magazine, combined into a beautiful, chaotic, wonderful thing that we want in print. We want it to be something that you hold.'"

The Times-Picayune wrote about The Big Easy's Liamolly Local Knitting project: "In just a few months, New Orleans will be home to a small, professional sweater-knitting factory, with the potential of making the city a draw for indie designers who want to manufacture their knitted clothing in the United States. Seema Sudan, the Crescent City-based fashion designer behind the colorful LiaMolly label, was successful in raising $28,874 through a campaign on Kickstarter, an online way to generate money for creative endeavors."

Paste Magazinewrote about Nickolas Rossi's Heaven Adores You, a documentary about Elliott Smith:"The documentary is titled Heaven Adores You and it takes a look at Smith’s influence on Portland, Ore., a town he lived and released records in for many years. This isn’t to be confused with another Smith doc, titled Searching for Elliott Smith, which had a very limited release in 2009. The documentary is in need of funding and has a Kickstarter campaign."

Snapshot montage from Bicycle Portraits.
Snapshot montage from Bicycle Portraits.

Core77 featured Stan Engelbrecht and Nic Grobler's latest Bicycle Portraits project, who together completed a hat trick of successful Kickstarter projects with their latest installment of the photography book: "The project lies at the intersection of documentary photography, art book, and cultural snapshot (in a manner of speaking): authors Stan Engelbrecht & Nic Grobler have spent the last 2 years cycling over 6000 kilometers to collect over 500 portraits of everyday commuters throughout South Africa."

FastCoDesignpublished a thought piece on an emerging trend of what design thinker, Bruce Nussbaum says "embraces all the strains of maker culture — food, indie music, DIY, craft, 3-D digital fabrication, bio-hacking, app enabling, CAD modeling, robotics, tinkering." He counts the projects on Kickstarter among the things fueling the movement: "You won’t learn about it in business school, hear about it from Wall Street, or see it in Palo Alto. But if you spend time in Bushwick, Brooklyn, or on Rivington Street in Manhattan, you just might detect the outlines of an emerging 'indie' capitalism... Take Kickstarter, for example, where people fund the music, books, and products that they can watch develop over time. In this model, consumer, investor, audience, fan, helper, and producer conflate. People find and prepare their food the same way they find and prepare their music. And then they share it all."

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      One more bit on Kickstarter in the news....Mother Jones reported on 10 Smart Kickstarter Projects for Your Holiday Cash:

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      Hey Kickstarter fans. The BICYCLE PORTRAITS project is still taking pre-orders leading up to our launch in March next year! Go to to order your copies at the Kickstarter reward prices (including delivery) or to have a look at the project online.

      - Stan.

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