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Every week, we round up some of the stories about projects that made it into the press. We're happy to see them out there in the real world, and excited to share their progress with you! Read on.

Joe Pompeo of Capital New York explored the Narratively journalism project to create a digital publication devoted to in-depth stories about New York: "The site, which plans to publish one piece of in-depth New York-based journalism a day centered around alternating weekly themes across multiple story-telling platforms, launched a campaign Tuesday morning on Kickstarter, the startup incubator through which users can pledge money toward a project's set fund-raising goal."

The Porthole.
The Porthole.

Lindsay Eanet of BlackBook Mag looked at Porthole, the design project to create a simple and beautiful infusion vessel for cocktails, oils and teas: "Martin Kastner of Crucial Detail studio in Chicago has contributed much to some of Chicago’s best-known restaurants, including Alinea, Next and The Aviary, although his name may not be as recognized as chef Grant Achatz or mixmaster Charles Joly. But Kastner is responsible for one key element of the experience at The Aviary, 'the Porthole': a part-decanter, part-infuser, part-serving vessel built with a round, visible center so diners and drinkers can view the ingredients of their cocktails in full color and bloom and watch them combine for a delicious libation in real time."

Adrienne LaFrance of Nieman Journalism Lab wrote about the Homicide Watch project to create a reporting lab to cover every murder in Washington for one year: "...following the case from the crime itself through the pursuit of suspects and the cases’ path through the courts. It’s been lauded for its devotion to blanket coverage and for its ability to build communities of interest around the kind of crime stories that might get a few inches of coverage — if that — in the local daily. As the site’s tagline puts it: 'Mark every death. Remember every victim. Follow every case.'”

Tabletop Moviemaking Studio project video thumbnail
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Jenny Williams of WIRED's Geek Dad spotlighted the Tabletop Moviemaking Studio project to create a self-contained miniature movie studio that allows anyone to direct their own movie in minutes: "Kickstarter abounds with fun games, music, art projects, and more. My latest discovery on the site is the Tabletop Moviemaking Studio by Brick Maier. If your kids are creative types, help them create movies with this kit and your tablet, phone, or other video recording device. The kit comes with everything you need to make movies, other than the recording device. It has the theater, lights, stands, backgrounds, props, and characters, and will inspire your kids to create their own components to add to the scenes."

Bob Boilen of NPR's "All Songs Considered" featured the premiere of "The Killing Type," the latest song to emerge from Amanda Palmer's project: "I'm trying to imagine Amanda Palmer, in Amsterdam, working on this show-stopping rocker on a ukulele. But she did, and she'll tell you the tale below. This song is from the about-to-be-released album Theatre Is Evil, billed as Amanda Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra. The record was produced by John Congleton and is out on September 11."

    1. Andrea Lahouze on

      Here's another one to include! My brother Ryan Townsend Strand talking about his new CD, and how Kickstarter made it possible.

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    3. Ethan Tarshish on

      Here is one I found for Woe Is Oz's kickstarter project... here is a direct link to the Woe Is Oz kickstarter

    4. David Guzman on

      Loved all of these projects (including the ones in the comments above)! Hopefully the press will give you all a big leg-up in getting funded!

      Best of luck,


    5. Sarah Whistler on

      And two for our Shanghai Biennale Kickstarter Project!!!

      Creative Crowdfunding article published today!!

      From: The Big Idea, NZ @thebigideanz
      IV with Vincent Ward on his #crowdfunding campaign to take his exhibition to the Shanghai Biennale @VincentWardFilm

      The TV3 show Nightline did a great piece on Vincent's Shanghai Biennale Kickstarter campaign on Thursday.

    6. Samantha Fuller on

      So many great projects out there. I need to win the lottery so I can support all of them :)
      I came onto this site to raise money, it's been hard to resist all the cool rewards out there...
      The Porthole is a must have for culinary and esthetic reasons, what a heavenly combination!

    7. Justyna Czajkowski on

      We did it!!! Me and my project got into the news!
      The Monroe Times: front page 8/30/2013
      I'm so excited that I want to shere it with other creators.

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      Namaku Keren on

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