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Every week, we round up some of the stories about projects that made it into the press. We're happy to see them out there in the real world, and excited to share their progress with you! Read on.

Erin Thompson of Seattle Weekly wrote about local singer-songwriter, Jen Wood, and her project to record her latest album: "When talks of making a new album started stirring, it became clear that we were going to have to get creative as to how to come up with the cash to actually make it happen...Long story short, it took me almost six months to finally warm up to the idea of going the Kickstarter route. It took some courage. It took me letting go of my pride and not feeling like a failure or something." 

99% Invisible's pocket notebook series of rewards.
99% Invisible's pocket notebook series of rewards.

Tim Maly of WIRED featured the popular 99% Invisible project to fund season 3 of the popular radio show about design and architecture: "If you don’t know the show, here are the basics: Episodes run 5-10 minutes, and cover some undersung element of design: from the shape of tugboat hulls to the carefully engineered clicks that keyboard keys make to the work of a blind architect. 'I like that it’s an ongoing series of short episodes because there’s no pressure to answer every question or touch on every topic in each installment,' says Mars. Instead, themes and characters re-emerge over the course of the show."

Heather Beyer of spotlighted Michelle Pajak Reynolds' recently successful fashion project to fund her New York Fashion Week collection and lookbook: "Stow entrepreneur and former teacher was invited to take her fall collection to be featured in New York’s Fashion Week in September, and now she’s on a quest to raise money to make that opportunity a reality... Reynolds said that being a featured designer at fashion week this fall is a lifetime achievement. 'When you pull off the thing that nobody thought you could do, that’s pretty cool,' Reynolds said. 'My motivation is fueled by my desire to bring joy to others by creating beautiful jewels that make them feel gorgeous, capable and confident,' Reynolds added."

Daniella Cortez of The Anchorage Press explored a few local Alaskan project creators' projects, including Marian Call's European Adventure Quest, Seth Boyer's The Pre-Exodus EP and a short film by Sean Mannion called Abel and Cain: "Kickstarter does a fair job of curating projects in a way that allows users to search for things that interest them and not just see the projects that are popular. This feature alone makes it priceless to the indie artist who needs a single place to get their vision out there. One of the things that makes Kickstarter user friendly from a backer perspective is that it’s easy to see what artists are hosting campaigns in a specific geographic area. Alaska has recently supported projects that included sending local mixed media artist Enzina Marrani to Argentina to complete an artist’s residency program and a two-disc anthology of local bands called Cold and Loud. Not to mention half a dozen albums and regional tours from local musicians funded just in the last few months. Currently there are a handful of projects out of Alaska that are open to new backers. For the art enthusiast who is interested in supporting home grown talent, you couldn’t ask for a simpler way to see who’s doing what."

Black Moth Super Rainbow's leader, Tobacco, wearing a mask backers can pledge for.
Black Moth Super Rainbow's leader, Tobacco, wearing a mask backers can pledge for.

Andrew Sacher of Brooklyn Vegan reported the latest news with the Black Moth Super Rainbow project to fund their next record: "Psych synthesists Black Moth Super Rainbow are preparing to self release their new album, Cobra Juicy, on October 9 and though they record all of the music themselves at no cost, they're funding the album on Kickstarter to offer different physical versions of it. As with all Kickstarter campaigns, different levels of donations get you different rewards, and for this album they vary from a simple CD release to vinyl in a lenticular sleeve, to a limited edition mask emulating the 'Ugly Orange Head' that graces Cobra Juicy's album artwork."

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      I already donated probably over what my realistic budget would allow and every time Tobacco posts something about the new album, I always feel so guilty about not donating more!! The album is gonna be AMAZING!!! And I'm getting a mask :D I can't believe I have to wait till August

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