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Every week, we round up some of the stories about projects that made it into the press. We're happy to see them out there in the real world, and excited to share their progress with you! Read on.

Ron Cassie of Baltimore Magazine wrote about the Druid Hill Park Passport project, which aims to create a guide of activities and experiences within the park: "Launched by Friends of Druid Hill Park member Janet Felston — founding director of the successful Baltimore Green Map project — the Druid Hill passport program, if successful, will contain 16 pages of nature, exercise, history and cultural activities to help visitors become more familiar with the 745-acre park."

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Sarah Morrison of Columbia Journalism Review featured a couple outstanding publishing projects currently funding on the site. The first is fiction project The Enthusiast: A Novel of Josh Fruhlinger, which will use funds raised to "bridge some of the gaps between self-publishing and the traditional model, paying for an editor, a designer, and upfront book costs. The rest will be used as a sort of advance, allowing Fruhlinger to turn down freelance gigs and dedicate as much time as possible to writing his novel." The second is Local: A Quarterly of People and Places, which "for its first issue, the focus is on Jersey Shore. No, not that Jersey Shore. This one is in Pennsylvania, home of infamous bootleggers, an old pajama factory, an alternate Declaration of Independence, and a historical society that counts among its collection a crown made out of human hair."Gareth Branwyn of Make Magazine And that magic word, Kickstarter, was on everybody’s lips. People told me that the project I was looking at was either Kickstarter funded, or was about to be. People are doing small on-demand prototypes, taking them to shows like Comic-Con, then drumming up support for a Kickstarter run. One impressive example I saw of this model of getting work published was at Armand Balthazar’s booth.

Carol Motsinger of the Asheville Citizen-Times explored the success of local project creators, including the public performance theater installation, Asheville Rites and Jake Bible's illustrated novella, Stark: “'Kickstarter has exposed my work to a whole new group of readers and fans, and the response I’ve gotten has been incredible,' he said. 'It is like the artistic patronage of old, but on a small, personal scale. Just outstanding.'”

Joshua Phillipp of the Epoch Times spotlighted the incredibly fun technology project called Bicycle Astronomy, which sets out to build an ultra-lightweight and compact telescope that can easily be carried on a cargo bicycle: "Yet just as dreams end with the blaring of an alarm clock, so too is that night sky being lost to light pollution. And it’s because of this that Doug Reilly, an amateur astronomer based in Geneva, New York, believes that astronomy can be one of the greatest tools of social awareness. He hopes to bring this about by inspiring a sense of wonder, and is bringing this about by creating Bicycle Astronomy and building a new type of bicycle and a new type of telescope to make it possible."

    1. Mark Nowotarski on

      OT Did you know backers of games never back theater projects? Backers of design projects don't back dance projects? As a backer of techno geek projects I took that as a challenge to "complete the wheel". And so I did. Backed my first dance, fashion, music and photography projects.

      Wheel complete.

    2. Adam Danielski on

      Sorry just read below about not promoting - either way, I must say that Josh is a stand up guy. Of the people I talked about my project with and ways to get your project funded, he was nice enough to give me advice. Some others were not as forth coming or helpful. I wish Josh all the success in the world with his project.

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