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Every week, we round up some of the stories about projects that made it into the press. We're happy to see them out there in the real world, and excited to share their progress with you! Read on.

Coburn Dukehart of NPR produced a story about Bring It to the Table, the webseries project set to create a participatory online platform aimed the national conversation about about divisive issues: "The team calls ahead. It makes arrangements. It sets up the table and tripod, and then canvasses for people willing to talk. Winokur says they usually get one of two responses: 'I don't talk about politics.' Or, 'That sounds interesting; tell me more. We are making sure we get a diverse sampling of voices,' she said. 'Democratic, Republican and independent voices, as well as racial, geographic, and age diversity. We are trying to get a true sample of what's going on in people's hearts, minds and beliefs.'"

Neighbors, friends and volunteers putting the finishing touches SF's latest parklet.
Neighbors, friends and volunteers putting the finishing touches SF's latest parklet.

John King of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote about the latest with the public art project, Parklet at Farm:Table, which set out to transform a row of barren asphalt parking spaces into green public open space: "San Francisco's 2-year-old parklet effort, where parking spaces are reborn as miniature public plazas, has attracted media attention and been emulated in cities from Adelaide, Australia, to Philadelphia. But as eight volunteers on Saturday shoveled dirt from a downtown sidewalk into a low-slung frame of angled wood and steel, another aspect of parklets was on display: They're summoned into existence not from the top down, but the bottom up."

Jason Major of UniverseToday posted about the Lunar Rover Prototype project to land a lunar rover on the moon: "in typical Kickstarter fashion Earthrise Space is offering incremental rewards to anyone who donates to their project — from mentions on their site to t-shirts, Moon globes and facility tours (and even 5-gallon tubs of duck sauce) and, if you’re lucky enough to have deep pockets and a desire to help a student training ground get their designs off the ground, you can even have your DNA sent to the Moon!"

Installing the Walk Your City signs in Raleigh, NC.
Installing the Walk Your City signs in Raleigh, NC.

Jordan Kushins of FastCoDesign featured the Walk [Your City] project to create an open-sourced online resource for anyone to create guerrilla way-finding signs: "'The larger goal of this project is to create healthy places for people--socially, economically, and environmentally,' he says. So how does it work? Walk [Your City] is an open-source platform where people can create their own 'guerilla wayfinding' signs that state the time it takes to wander from any given point A to point B. The locations on the original Walk Raleigh were 'deliberate,' Tomasulo says. 'We wanted to reach different demographics--downtown business people, university students, and people going to the grocery store--with a collection of recognizable places and cultural assets that are perceived to be much further away from each other than they really are.'"

Billy Gallagher of TechCrunch explored the Jetpack 2 project to develop the most advanced small-scale platform game ever made: “'Look for Jetpack 2 in 1995.' The message carried on the 1993 2D video game 'Jetpack,' created by 16-year old Adam Pedersen and distributed by Software Creations on floppy disk, pledged an updated sequel to fans in a couple of years. 19 years later, Pedersen, now a single dad, is belatedly working to deliver on that promise. He has taken to Kickstarter in an attempt to raise $40,000 by the end of July for 'Jetpack 2.'"

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