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Every week, we round up some of the stories about projects that made it into the press. We're happy to see them out there in the real world, and excited to share their progress with you! Read on.

Karissa Rosenfield of ArchDaily explored the Fresh Punches: Experimental Architectural Prototypes project to create an exhibition of the work of 2012 architecture students across the country: "If funding is successful, this exhibition will provide the rare opportunity to display the exploration and research from multiple U.S. architecture schools in one location."

Designer Mandy Kordal.
Designer Mandy Kordal.

Mary Billard of the New York Times featured several fashion projects, including the Olivier Green StudioAnthony Ryan Auld's Fall/Winter collection, the Kordal contemporary knitwear project and The Versalette: "For financing, the partners turned to Kickstarter, the online fund-raising site for creative projects. Their video told the story of their desire to see change in the way clothes are made and consumed, to reduce the use of pesticides on cotton, harsh dyes and exploitive labor and still look good. A posted look book, the video and a downloadable PDF demonstrate the cunning variations, serving as a dresser’s manual."

ARTINFO named Alison Klayman, creator of the Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry documentary project, to its "The 30-And-Under Crowd: The Art World's Most Influential Young Figures" list: "Fresh out of Brown University, aspiring journalist Alison Klayman moved to China on a whim, and happened to meet dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei. She followed Ai for two years, capturing some of the biggest moments in his life and career. What began as a short grew into a feature film, 'Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry,' which hits theaters July 27. Though the film won’t be released in China, Klayman, 27, told ARTINFO the authorities were asking Ai about her work well before the film was even finished. Now that’s influence."

Amanda Kooser of CNET posted about the Final Frontier Spacesuit project: "Final Frontier Design is working on a lightweight, relatively inexpensive space suit and is looking for $20,000 on Kickstarter to boost the project. The company has already built two generations of suits but is looking to improve the design with a retractable helmet, better gloves, a carbon fiber waist ring, and higher operating pressure."

The Patio Theater in Chicago's Northwest side.
The Patio Theater in Chicago's Northwest side.

Chuck Sudo of Chicagoist wrote about the Patio Theater project to bring the historic theater into the 21st century: "A pledge of $250 gets you and 19 of your friends a private screening of the movie of your choice (if it's available for screening). A $500 pledge gets you two 20-pass admissions. And if Kouvalis can reach his goal it also allows him to get rid of a 50-year-old movie screen and upgrade to one that allows viewers to see films more vividly."

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