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Every week, we round up some of the stories about our projects that made the press. We're happy to see them out there in the real world, and excited to share their progress with you! Read on.
A musician "plays" a house/instrument at Swoon Musical Architecture.
A musician "plays" a house/instrument at Swoon Musical Architecture.

Campbell Robertson of the New York Times wrote an article delightfully titled "A Symphony of Floorboards, Pipes and Stairs" spotlighting a New Orleans musical installation created by Brooklyn-based artist, Swoon, which was borne from his Musical Architecture project. Robertson said "it is a collection of tumbledown wooden and metal structures built on the site, and almost entirely from the remains of a late-18th-century Creole cottage that collapsed a couple of years ago here in the historic, bohemian Bywater neighborhood. Each structure houses an instrument, or two or three. In some cases the structures are musical instruments themselves. There is the thatched-roof hut that is home to an elaborate arrangement of Balinese vibraphones, the shack with amplified floorboards, the rusty spiral staircase that is also a foot-operated pipe organ and the little glass house containing what looks like a giant, bell-lined hoop skirt. They are all clustered together on the narrow lot, like the stage set of a fairy tale that takes place in a junkyard."

Amy Biegelsen ofThe Atlantic wrote a post featuring six recently funded public art projects that got their start on Kickstarter. Among them: Katie O'Beirne's Leaving a Disposable Camera in the Park project and Dale Rogers' Metal Monkey Mania project.

Sarah Cobarrubias of Chicagoistgave a shout out to Chicago rapper Psalm One for her project. "Psalm One has been busy mentoring youth across the country and putting out free mixtapes for a while now, which explains why she hasn’t had the time or resources to put out an official LP since 2006....She is currently on tour in support of the mentorship program, ASCAP Songwriter Residency @ America SCORES, stopping at nine cities to spend some quality time with students and help them write and record their own songs."

Twine, it's tiny!
Twine, it's tiny!

Alexia Tsotsiasof TechCrunchasks"Want to be notified to turn on the AC when a room reaches a certain temperature? Or when your laundry’s done? Well MIT Media Lab alumni Supermechanical have built Twine, a sleek 2.5″ rubber square which connects to Wifi and allows objects to 'communicate' under certain conditions."  

David Thompson ofHonolulu Magazinefeatured several Hawaii-based project creators, including 

Sabrina Velazquez and Grady Gillan and reported that "Since launching in 2009, Kickstarter has rapidly become the Web’s foremost 'crowd-funding' resource for artists, musicians, indie filmmakers and others seeking financing for creative projects." 

A pile of goodies from husband and wife baking duo Gluten Free in the Great Plains.
A pile of goodies from husband and wife baking duo Gluten Free in the Great Plains.
Michael Bamesberger ofOmaha World Herald published a story on Amanda and Mike Overfield's project to make vegan, gluten-free cupcakes for Nebraska reporting that "When Amanda Overfield and her husband began selling gluten-free cupcakes last summer at Omaha farmers markets, the demand overwhelmed her plastic whisks and tiny kitchen stove... With the success of her cupcakes, she dreamed of transforming her passion for baking into a small business. Without the money to rent a space at a commercial kitchen, however, her plan was stalled." At the suggestion of a friend, she turned to Kickstarter.
    1. Yunah Hong on

      A Korean newsblogger posted two stories about Yunah Hong's Kickstarter campaign for "Anna May Wong: In Her Own Words" while it was in progress:……

      Yesterday Korea's second-largest wire service picked up his story about the campaign's success:…

    2. Aleece Germano on

      Don't forget ours! We're making French Canadian headlines here in Montreal :-)…

      You can check out our KS project here:

      Merci !

    3. UniForge Games on

      FrankenDie also made it to the evening news, here in Ottawa:

      Find out more about our game at:

      Marquis & Lucas
      NutForge Games

    4. Dave Cutler on

      Our KS campaign (and a KS mention as well) made it to a San Francisco TV news tech segment!

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