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Every week, we round up some of the stories about projects that made it into the press. We're happy to see them out there in the real world, and excited to share their progress with you! Read on.

Linda Holmes of NPR featured the NY Shakespeare Exchange Sonnet Project, which promises to create a year-long video exploration of Shakespeare’s great love poems: "It's a drive to raise $45,000, in large part to support a pair of upcoming undertakings. The first, called the Sonnet Project, means to create 154 videos of 154 actors reading 154 of Shakespeare's love poems in 154 locations in New York... There are ambitious plans for the release of the videos at a rate of two or three per week over a year leading up to Shakespeare's 450th birthday (or thereabouts) in April 2014. There will also be walking tours, special features, and plenty more." 

Vera Titunik of the New York Times' "6th Floor Blog" spotlighted about the Signage Depicting Imaginary Building Uses in New Orleans art project: "Rob [Walker] and his wife, Ellen Susan, and his friend G.K. Darby made their Kickstarter goal for their project, which they called the Hypothetical Development Organization (tagline: Implausible Futures for Unpopular Places), produced an exhibition and now have been chosen to be included in the official U.S. presentation at the 13th International Venice Architecture Biennale, Spontaneous Interventions: Design Actions for the Common Good."

Lucas Shaw of The Wrap penned a piece entitled "Kickstarter: The Indie Filmmaker's New Best Friend" featuring narrative film project Fat Kids Rule the World about an outcast who finds purpose in life through punk rock: "When Matthew Lillard needed a distributor for his directorial debut, Fat Kid Rules the World, he knew he had an alternative to the traditional Hollywood studio: Kickstarter.... Crowdfunding is an increasingly popular and viable avenue for independent filmmakers — and Kickstarter has taken the lead among other outlets. 'It’s been happening on a really grass-roots level for a long time,' Lillard told TheWrap, 'but I never thought about putting it together to use on a completed project.'”

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Jay Barmann of San Francisco's Grub Street wrote about the Forage Kitchen project to create a co-working space for the Bay Area's food community: "because the topic of urban homesteading and artisan pickle-making is so close to so many San Franciscans' hearts, the project has already raised almost $4,000 in just a few hours. That puts Rabins and ForageSF well on their way to their goal, which they've got 45 days to reach. Rabins says they've already got a space picked out (all we know is that it's 10,000 square feet and it's in SoMa), and they'll be building out a shared-use commercial kitchen, as well as a sit-down café space, offices, a meat-curing room, and eventually a rooftop garden as well."

Ben Flanagan of the Birmingham News posted about the Tiny Tape Recorder project, a short film chronicling the story of a man who discovered a tiny tape recorder has been embedded in his ear since birth: "Kickstarter emulates on a small scale the issues that face a city attempting to raise funds or support for the arts or cultural enterprises," Hanninen says. "Your job when you start a crowdfunding campaign is to make people care, whether it's about that specific project or about you as an individual. If you can take the time and effort to attempt to do that, then it's a fantastic new resource for indie filmmakers."

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