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Every week, we round up some of the stories about projects that made it into the press. We're happy to see them out there in the real world, and excited to share their progress with you! Read on.

Amber Benham of Edible Brooklyn featured the Brooklyn Grange Apiary project to launch New York City’s largest commercial apiary, which endeavors to produce more 1,000 pounds of honey: "Brooklyn Grange may have single handedly propelled the rooftop farming movement into headlines, creating a tipping point of sorts for urban agriculture. And now the folks behind rooftop fresh lettuce have set out to alter the ecosystem once again, this time by saving some fellow plant lovers — the bees!"

Steve Lambert's "Capitalism Works for Me!" installation in Boston.
Steve Lambert's "Capitalism Works for Me!" installation in Boston.

Andrea Shea of Boston's NPR affiliate WBUR produced a story on Steve Lambert's Make Capitalism Work for Me project to tour the US with his sign asking whether capitalism is working for the public and chronicle people's interactions and thoughts: "He actually dreamed up the project last summer, just months before the Occupy movement took hold. The artist wanted to get people talking more openly about the ideals and realities that come with living in a capitalistic society — and it seems he was on to something in the zeitgeist."

One of the featured dancers in Flex is Kings, Jay Donn, donning the hats he's offering as rewards.
One of the featured dancers in Flex is Kings, Jay Donn, donning the hats he's offering as rewards.

The Daily What posted about the Flex is Kings project to complete an independent feature length documentary about street dance in Brooklyn: "Their neighborhood has one of the highest crime rates in Brooklyn, but it’s been transformed by a group of guys whose flex dancing 'channels the grittiness of East New York into choreographed violence.' Filmmakers have followed the dancers for more than two years and have shot more than 275 hours of film. Now, their documentary, Flex Is Kings, is a mere three days and $3,428 from becoming reality."

Portrait of Giuseppi Logan in Tompkins Square Park.
Portrait of Giuseppi Logan in Tompkins Square Park.

John Leland of the New York Times wrote about the Giuseppi Logan project to master and release vinyl albums from the free jazz genius who recently reemerged after decades in hiding: "On a springlike morning in Tompkins Square Park, the old man with the battered saxophone blew a fractured chorus of 'Over the Rainbow,' then held up a CD with his name and face on it. 'Beautiful music,' he said through a mouth missing half the teeth. He had 85 cents in his pockets and a broken hip that had kept him out of the park for most of the winter. 'I’m famous,' he said to a young mother who watched from a distance. 'Google me.'"

Archinect spotlighted Wes Milholen's Arctic Architecture: Svalbard project: "I'm using Kickstarter to raise funds for participation in The Arctic Circle, a residency for artists, architects, and scientists that takes place in the Norwegian territory of Svalbard. During the residency, I plan to explore the landscape and existing settlements and use that research as the basis for a book, Arctic Architecture: Svalbard."


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      We got some virtual ink in USA today from their pop-culture blogger supreme, Whitney Matheson

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      Those are some crazy hats!

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      Here's a new article on Israelity about Bouquoo, our product design project. The writer, Jessica Steinberg, covers Design, Culture, and Business. -