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Every week, we round up some of the stories about projects that made it into the press. We're happy to see them out there in the real world, and excited to share their progress with you! Read on.

Katie McLeod of the Boston Globe posted about Amanda Palmer's latest project to kickstart her next album, a companion art book and tour: "After the onetime Dresden Doll took to Kickstarter yesterday, she has raised more than $250,000 (yes, in one day). Palmer, whose initial goal was $100,000, is continuing to raise money through the month of May."
Giuseppi Logan in Tompkins Square Park
Giuseppi Logan in Tompkins Square Park

John Leland of the New York Times published a follow-up story on the paper's profile of jazz legend, Giuseppe Logan, and the recently successful music project to master and release high quality vinyl albums of his latest work: "In an April 8 cover story, the Metropolitan section profiled Giuseppi Logan, a jazz musician trying to get back on his feet after a long descent into drugs and mental illness. In the weeks since, financing has come through for a new album, and more are in the works. Three weeks ago, a fund-raising project on the Web site Kickstarter to release the new album, 'The Giuseppi Logan Project,' appeared stalled at $855 in pledges, far short of a target of $6,000. Contributions have since passed $11,700. Ed Pettersen, who organized the project, said he could now print 1,000 CDs, most of which will go to Mr. Logan to sell in the park."

John Lawless of Bluegrass Today wrote about Nora Jane Struthers' Country and Folk project to record her latest album: "Bearfoot’s sultry lead singer, is using Kickstarter as a crowd sourcing tool to raise funds for an upcoming solo project. She tells us that she has a core group of songs written, and is working now on arrangements...'I am planning to record primarily with the musicians who will go on the road with me in my solo backing band, Nora Jane Struthers & The Bootleggers, and get a few special guests as well.'"

Film critic Tom Brook of BBC Worldwide produced a story pegged to the TriBeCa Film Festival on how Kickstarter is helping independent filmmakers get projects off the ground. The successfully funded Nancy, Please project enjoyed a flattering closeup.

Site of a new artist residency based in New York's Catskills.
Site of a new artist residency based in New York's Catskills.

Kyle Chayka of Art Info featured the Shandaken Project "founded by Nick Weist, who came up with the idea for a sustainable artistic residency program after working on an organic production farm in New Paltz, New York. Weist wanted to propose an alternative to the traditional art-world structure of a few wealthy donors bankrolling creative non-profits and develop a system 'whereby the creative community funds an organization that is by and for its constituency,' he told ARTINFO in a recent conversation. After hearing his ideas, a gentleman he met at the New Paltz farm offered Weist the run of a 250-acre plot of land he inherited in Shandaken, a farm that had lain fallow for years. The site abuts the wild forest, includes a large pond, a sugaring shack, old logging trails, and a 'huge amount of wildlife,' Weist described. 'There are few places left intact that have the same type of magic… It’s unusual for creative practitioners to have complete access to such a piece of land.'"

    1. Anne Argo Pritchard on

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    2. Trevor on

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    3. Theressa Silver on

      I understand that featuring the big, highly successful projects here and on your twitter feed, etc. is good publicity for making Kickstarter look good, but it would be really cool if you'd use your voice to help the really small projects to get their funding. I think it's a question of is Kickstarter here for itself or for the projects it makes possible?

      A knitting book by an unknown designer isn't as splashy as an album by an already recognized artist but it will matter just as much to the people involved. Thanks!

    4. Brian Beker on

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    5. Nathanael Pine on

      Actually all Kickstarter publicity is good especially for the small projects. The more people visit the site the more likely a small project is to get seen and funded. There are too many KS projects to discuss each and every one. The ones that get oversubscribed are often the most interesting projects as well.

    6. Aubrey Ann Parker on

      This is a different kind of story making it into the news.... Kailin Yong is a musician. He has already met his goal of $3000 with 12 days left. However, the story has taken a heartbreaking turn: three days ago, Kailin's instruments were stolen from his car in Colorado! See the news here:…

      Although his Kickstarter project is not mentioned directly, this will obviously affect his current project and any future ones, if the police are unable to locate his instruments.

      I know you probably get requests all the time for helping to promote certain Kickstarter projects, but Kailin Yong is in special need. Yes he has already met his goal, but it would be so helpful if he made MORE than the requested amount, to help cover the costs of the stolen instruments.

      This is already a news story... a BAD news story. But if people were to pledge to help reimburse the cost of the stolen instruments, this could quickly be turned into a GOOD news story. (Which ultimately is good press for Kickstarter, as well.)

      Please consider helping out in whatever way you can.

    7. Nodar Gregory Genosjan on

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    8. Missing avatar

      Braden on

      I agree that Kickstarter does need to show smaller projects on their main pages. While it is true that it is impossible to discuss every project, a compromise can be made. Perhaps adding a feature to the home page that rotates between different projects for every person that logs on. The rotation would change every time someone else logged on. This would allow even more projects to be discovered.

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      deleted on

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