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Every week, we round up some of the stories about projects that made it into the press. We're happy to see them out there in the real world, and excited to share their progress with you! Read on.

Laura Locke from BBC penned a post on Kickstarter featuring Double Fine Adventure, Save Blue Like Jazz and LowLine: "While some liken Kickstarter to a meritocracy, the company's founding trio consider it an example of patronage in action. The internet's ability to rally people around shared interests and make 'big things happen' is a breakthrough, they say... Anyone with an idea can set up a Kickstarter."

Miniature donuts from Giant Donuts.
Miniature donuts from Giant Donuts.

Bowery Boogie featured the Giant Donuts NYC project to create a local bakery in New York's East Village: "The newcomer will ironically offer 'fantastic miniature donuts alongside artisan roasted coffee and espresso.' If the project receives the targeted funding – $17,500 – principals Michael Yuasa and Peter Humphrey will open their shop in an undisclosed East Village location."

Carin Bondar of Scientific Americanposted about researchers Nathan Dappen and Neil Losin's The Symbol: Wall Lizards of the Pityusic Archipelago project: "The footage in this video is simply breathtaking – the colors and sights of these Spanish Islands make you yearn to tag along. Dappen and Losin have already proven to be skilled videographers, having won several awards and competitions with their well-edited and written works (see examples below). Both are biologists, and the current Kickstarter project is to raise funds for a photographic guide to the lizards that Dappen studied during his PhD. The lizards themselves are beautiful – their color variation is vast, and the richness of their appearance is stunningly captured in this video."

Examples of architect Jimenez Lai's super furniture installations.
Examples of architect Jimenez Lai's super furniture installations.

Archinectspotlighted Jimenez Lai's cartoonish architectural installation The Hefner/Beuys House project: "This installation is a Super Furniture. It is a building that is slightly too small, and a furniture that is kind of too big. This installation will house Jimenez Lai for a few weeks inside the Architecture Foundation in London where he will live inside the gallery as a part of the performance, on display for the world to see."

Gwyn McAllister of The Martha's Vineyard Times reported on singer-songwriter Lexie Roth's project to fund her latest album: "The 24-year-old singer/songwriter, who now splits her time between Martha's Vineyard and Brooklyn, was raised in an artistic household where music reigned supreme...One of the highlights of Ms. Roth's career was performing, along with her father, at one of Levon Helm's legendary Midnight Rambles, at The Band drummer's barn in Woodstock, N.Y."

The team behind the RoboBonobo project.
The team behind the RoboBonobo project.

Katie Scott of Wired UK explored Ken Schweller's Bonobo Chat: An App for Talking with Apes project: "Schweller explains that the robot would be the last stage of the project that would start with developing an app to allow the Bonobos to 'control their environment using simple lexigram commands.' The funds would also finance the creation of RoboBonobo, which is currently a prototype, and which would allow further interaction with guests to the sanctuary. The humans could control their robot to play chase games with the real bonobos and even squirt them with its onboard watergun."

    1. Voyages of Rediscovery on

      Birch Bark Canoes in the News! Check out this awesome article about The Power of the Canoe, our Kickstarter project, featured in Canoe and Kayak magazine online!

    2. Daniel T. Richards on

      FrackNation has been all over the media.

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      Konrad on

      Here is a detailed television spot about a Kickstarter project:

    4. Jesse Lee on

      I'm sending my project out to every local media outlet that I can. I'm hoping one will run with our story:…

    5. Jesse Lee on

      Those of you with your story in the news. What did you do?

    6. Kevin S. on

      I've been hitting the media hard with my hot dog cart project...cream cheese on a hot dog is incredible!

    7. Amy Claxton on There have been over 10 news stories about our project, some from our local community others from independent bloggers. If you support indie horror you might enjoy our project!

    8. Dana Moreshead on

      The fine folks as USA Today (okay the awesome Whitney Matheson) gave us some web ink.
      Best of al, we did not ask for it. A fan pimped us.

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      Namaku Keren on

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