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 Every week, we round up some of the stories about our projects that made the press. We're happy to see them out there in the real world, and excited to share their progress with you! Read on.

One of the temporary retail installations curated by the BOFFO project.
One of the temporary retail installations curated by the BOFFO project.

 - Nancy Messieh of The Next Web made us blush a little last week when she said: "Kickstarter is a constant source of inspiration, allowing us not only to witness all of the incredible creativity around us, but to become a direct part of it ourselves with our contributions." The compliment is incredibly kind, but we truly believe that praise belongs with the project creators who gather the courage to launch projects every day, and the backers whose generosity helps bring those projects to life. The One Hello World project Nancy spotlighted was an inspired example: "An interesting new project looking for funding on Kickstarter comes courtesy of a site that has been around for a while. One Hello World, which has been described as 'Postsecret for your ears' or a 'soundtrack for your thoughts,' allows users to leave voicemail messages which are later posted on the site, accompanied by music composed specifically for the message. The recordings, which have been received from all over the world, are a fascinating study of humanity on so many different levels. The combination of the human voice and music makes for a powerful piece of art, and the best part is that anyone can contribute."

 - Leila Brillson of Black Book spotlighted a fun fashion-meets-architecture project: "Boffo, an arts organization known for their 'Building Fashion' initiative, which pairs indie architects with fashion designers without standalone stores, aims to provide an opportunity for emerging labels like Siki Im and Patrik Ervell by helping them create a custom-built pop-up."

 - Doctorate of Culture, Cory Doctorow of BoingBoing gave a shout out to grad school dropout Kio Stark who is "co-author of the Cult of Done manifesto, debut novelist, and instructor on the uses of technology in interactions with strangers, [who] is running a Kickstarter fundraiser for her newest project, Don't Go Back to School, a collection of memoirs from people who succeeded without university degrees."

 - Elie Perler of the hyperlocal Bowery Boogie blog chronicled the success of photographer Brian Rose who "hit the blogosphere in an ambitious attempt to raise funding for a photo book called Time and Space on the Lower East Side. Thanks to Kickstarter (an LES company itself), the neighborhood documentarian collected more than his stated goal of $10,000."

Andy Khouri of Comics Alliance got the scoop on the latest with the wildly successful Womanthology project: "Organized by artist Renae De Liz, Womanthology is a forthcoming 300-page hardcover anthology featuring comics created exclusively by female writers, artists and editors. The book's stated purpose is to 'show support for female creators in comics and media' and showcase 'what women in comics have accomplished, and what [they] are capable of.' Sight unseen, the project raised more than $100,000 on the Kickstarter fundraising platform in August, but a large assortment of pages finally appeared this week on the Womanthology site."

 - Meanwhile Kelsey Keith of Curbed followed up with the +Pool creators to get the latest on their project: "After our campaign ended, we put all of your donations to use by spending a month testing the Primary Filtration at the East River. We looked at six different membranes in collaboration from Gunderboom and analyzed them across 16 different parameters with the help of professors and researchers at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University. In short, we spent four weeks in our own +Pool Science Lab in a trailer on the shore of the river. We tested for things like turbidity, color, fecal coliforms, suspended solids, etc. We got very good at incubating poop." 

 - Sam Biddle of Gizmodo used his imagination describing the next iteration of the Windowfarms project"This Gorgeous Mini Hydroponic Farm Turns Your Home into Pot and Produce Heaven."

 - James Mulroy of PC World admitted his shortcomings as a student of science and gave some love to the Biochemies project: "Didn't get an A-grade in biology when you were a child? Yeah, neither did I. Sometimes kids (or adults) just need a push in the right direction, and that's where Biochemies plush dolls come in--they make science fun!" 


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