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Every week, we round up some of the stories about projects that made the press. We're happy to see them out there in the real world, and excited to share their progress with you! Read on.

Mike Snider of USA Today featured the meteoric rise of Tim Schafer's Double Fine Adventure: "Fans — alerted to the project on Twitter and Facebook — pledged more than $1 million in less than 24 hours toward Double Fine Productions' new point-and-click adventure game. The rapid response to Double Fine's appeal could serve notice to the video game industry, which routinely green-lights blockbusters budgeted at $20 million and up." (In addition, there was a veritable landslide of stories stemming from Double Fine's success from around the web, including: CNET, Destructoid, Gamasutra, Gamezebo, GigaOm, IGN, Joystiq, Kotaku, PC World, Popular Science, Read Write Web, TechCrunch, VentureBeat and The Verge!)

Representing the 1990s, Fernandez styled as the canine companion to Steve Jobs.
Representing the 1990s, Fernandez styled as the canine companion to Steve Jobs.

Noemi de la Torre of ABC News shared finished portraits from the Canine Chronicles project: "'Canine Chronicles' is an imaginative retelling of important historical moments throughout the 20th century. Photographer Winnie Au profiled 10 dogs and their unique contributions to history. Each dog was adorably clothed in fashion appropriate to their decade." (Disclosure: our very own community director, Cindy Au, is a collaborator on this project!)

Clay Masters of NPR's "Weekend Edition" interviewed Omaha's singer-songwriter turned KSR project creator, Simon Joyner about his project to self-release a double album: "In the early 1990s, Beck listed Omaha, Neb., songwriter Simon Joyner in a personal top-10 list for Rolling Stone magazine. Famed British DJ John Peel, known for making careers for playing just one of a band's songs, played Joyner's fourth album in its entirety. The endorsements boosted Joyner's career. Tim McMahan, a music critic who has covered the Omaha scene since the 1990s, says Joyner was among the first to show what the city could do."

Hélène Goupil of the San Francisco Chronicle caught up with Akin Bilgic, who was behind last year's SF Mirrors Project: "The full-time student and freelance computer graphics artist raised more than $3,000 last Spring through a Kickstarter campaign and asked donors to send one-sentence messages to be written on the mirrors. If the donors wanted, their names would follow their message. He received hundreds of submissions. He then contacted TAP Plastics in SOMA and ordered 100 3-by 1.5-ft acrylic mirrors."

A snapshot from Shumway's Happy Valley project.
A snapshot from Shumway's Happy Valley project.

Nicholas Hegel McClelland Time's "Lightbox" blog spotlighted Brian Shumway's currently funding Happy Valley project: "For the last 10 years, photographer Brian Shumway has been doing his best to turn this time-honored adage on its head, returning to his native Utah, a place known as 'Happy Valley' to create a visual and emotional exploration of his own childhood and adolescence by photographing his siblings and their children. Happy Valley is a nickname given by residents to Utah Valley in the Wasatch Mountains, a large area south of Salt Lake City that includes Orem and Provo. Nearly 600,000 people live in the valley, more than 80 percent of whom belong to the Latter-Day Saints Church (also know as Mormon), making it one of the most homogeneous communities in the United States."

Jesse Landberg of Backstage Magazine featured Joe Lueben's short film project, Sweetness: "Santa's creation tore through the audition room in its own right, winning over a passionate creative team that instantly knew it had at last found its Arianna. 'From the moment she started, what stuck out about Veraalba was that she really took it to heart. The way she delivered her lines was more out of her body than her mouth. It was exactly what we were looking for,' says Lueben. Santa says that her character in "Sweetness" is "exorcised" and learns to find forgiveness through dance. 'The language of movement can be very powerful,' she says. 'It's very important for me to always continue training in dance, because it really helps my acting. If I know what I'm doing with my body, I know what I'm doing with my words.'"

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      Michael on

      Though I had heard about Kickstarter before this past week, and even covered the success of one of the film projects (of considerable personal interest to me), I simply wasn't "getting" what Kickstarter is all about, and what it means to innovation, the arts, and human progress. I am very excited about Kickstarter, and if I lived in a location that would allow me to be part of your team, I would do everything I could to join you in this noble endeavor. In the meantime, I would just like to give you a heads-up on an article I wrote for The Stranded, a small community of gamers. The article is entitled "The Implications of Double Fine’s Kickstarter Success". Also, Gamasutra has an article of similar title (and not listed in your post), but with different content.

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      Vicki Farmer on

      I've learned the hard way to be very careful in choosing projects to back. Fortunately for me, I only invested $5 in the one that appears to have dropped off the face of the earth with my money, and apparently there is no recourse for cheated customers, other than peer pressure, or something. I won't be backing any more Kickstarters for people that I don't know, personally, and I'll be warning my friends about being very careful around here.

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      What a cute picture of the husky!!

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