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Every week, we round up some of the stories about projects that made the press. We're happy to see them out there in the real world, and excited to share their progress with you! Read on. 

Drew Grant of The New York Observerwrote about comics project FUBAR 2: Empire of the Rising Dead, which just made the New York Times Best Seller List: "Good news for all those scrappy independent writers and publishers out there: despite what you may have heard in the press about how difficult it is to crack into the literary world, it is still possible to turn your World War II zombie comic book into a New York Times best seller on the basis of Internet buzz alone."

Robot-controlled espresso machine.
Robot-controlled espresso machine.

David Pogue of the New York Times featuredseveral projects including Elevation Dock and PID-Controlled Espresso Machine and admitted he didn't understand Kickstarter at first:"...I started hearing people rave about I was mystified by its success — and alarmed that I didn’t get it. Was I suffering from Early-Onset Fuddy-Duddyism?... But in dark economic times, Kickstarter offers aspirational voyeurism: you can read about the big dreams of the little people. And you can give the worthy artists a small financial vote of confidence — and enjoy the ride with them."

Howard Tsao, a project creator writing for Gamasutra examined some of the lessons he's learned running a project:"Discovering Kickstarter turned out to make a difference for us in terms of both promotion and securing extra money to spend on development. My purpose in writing this is not only to recommend Kickstarter for game development projects, but to share some of our experiences getting our projects funded with this platform... Overall, Kickstarter had been a great way for us to spread the word about our projects as well as to raise some funds for things that we lacked the budget for.  I would encourage everyone who is working on an indie project to check out Kickstarter."

Randall Roberts of the Los Angeles Times reported on Daphne Carr's Best Music Writing of 2012 project: "Over the past decade plus, the anthology Best Music Writing has collected some of year's most engaging music criticism, feature writing and hard journalism, an annual compendium that treats the many kinds of music writing with equanimity, drawing from print and online sources, from tweets to posts to expanded essays, to offer a freewheeling, wide-ranging selection... For the 2012 version, which will publish in the fall, Carr and company are going the independent route and are in the final weekend of a Kickstarter campaign to finance it."

Houston's Robbie Seay Band.
Houston's Robbie Seay Band.

Kent Matthews of the Houston Chronicle spotlightedthe success of the popular Robbie Seay Band project: "More artists are parting ways with traditional record labels to make and promote music on their own. One company playing a pivotal role in the trend is Kickstarter. In addition to making their music available, bands are offering those who sign up on these sites incentives that range from release-party tickets to personal phone calls, dinner with the band, instruments used in the recording and private concerts in your home... Houston's own Robbie Seay Band launched a successful Kickstarter after releasing its previous three albums on a major label... Seay said that launching an album through Kickstarter got fans involved in the creation — as well as the funding — of the project."

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