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Every week, we round up some of the stories about our projects that made the press. We're happy to see them out there in the real world, and excited to share their progress with you! Read on.

An image from Jon Crispin's "Willard Asylum Suitcases" photography project.
An image from Jon Crispin's "Willard Asylum Suitcases" photography project.

 - The New York Times' columnist, Anand Giridharadas asksif our culture is currently experiencing a paradigm shift, pointing to Kickstarter as an example of the transition in power and influence: "It goes by many names and takes many forms. It is open-source software and encyclopedias written by crowds and revolutions seeded on Internet portals. It is the idea of the United States 'leading from behind' in Libya rather than fiercely commanding. It is newspapers linking to other newspapers on their Web sites rather than walling everything in. It is Kickstarter, Meetup and Ushahidi and any number of other platforms that allow disparate, diffuse strangers to marshal the kind of influence that once only centralized institutions could."

 - NPR's "The Picture Show" posted aboutphotographer Jon Crispin, who "has a fascination with things that are left behind," noting his "latest fascination is with old suitcases — discovered by the New York State Museum in an attic of the Willard Psychiatric Center in Willard, N.Y."

 - Sports Illustrated wrote about the release of film created by the Jay Demerit project: "In order to pay the expensive rights fees for Premier League footage, the filmmakers set a goal of raising $215,000 on the Kickstarter fundraising website and achieved it, thanks to donations from soccer fans and such figures as U.S. national-teamer Stuart Holden (who gave $10,000), Weezer lead singer Rivers Cuomo and comedian Judah Friedlander. The total amount raised on Kickstarter ($223,422) made it one of the highest-funded independent film in the website's history."

A screenshot from the Kickstarter-funded video game "Star Commander."
A screenshot from the Kickstarter-funded video game "Star Commander."

 - Gamasutrapublished a long featureexploring how to build a better video game development Kickstarter project, writing "Based on conversations with the creators of those games and others that have triumphed on the site -- along with Kickstarter's director of community — here are several tips and tactics for creating and promoting an effective game development campaign on the crowdsourced funding service."

 - Filmmaker Magazine published a long post looking at the decision by project creator, Ryan Koo, the Man-child project to buy a new camera, asking:"what responsibility does a Kickstarter filmmaker have to his donors? Does putting a film on Kickstarter restrict behavior outside of the stated use of the funds? Does it imply that the project leader should be behaving any differently in other areas of his or her life?," concluding "I don’t think it does. I’ve given to numerous Kickstarter campaigns, and they’ve been launched by people of varying economic means. In all cases, I’m not asking to see their tax returns — I’m recognizing that today’s film economy doesn’t support their work and that it needs my direct donation to be viable. The only criticism I think I could lob at a Kickstarter filmmaker would be if they never made the film…. but even then, I’m not sure that’d be valid. If the process of making the film led to a different project, and my funding enabled that journey, I’d be fine with it."

Ryland Ianelli in "Cartoon College."
Ryland Ianelli in "Cartoon College."

 - IFC published a comprehensive piece about comic book-oriented documentary projects saying "Kickstarter is becoming a hot spot to hunt down dollars for more modest indie projects, and comics-related documentary pitches in particular are becoming more and more common. Five such comics documentaries have met their funding needs, and the dollar amounts they've been able to raise are impressive. Their topics range from historical investigations into censorship to massive interview compilations looking at what current creators grew up reading and what goes on behind the industry's closed doors."

 - New York Daily Newsreported on "A Nepali filmmaker who wants to publicize highway rallies that cripple his South Asian homeland will host a fund-raiser in Queens on Friday in a push to finance the movie Deepak Rauniyar, 33, hopes to snare the few thousand dollars remaining towards his $30,000 goal for “Highway” during the 6 p.m. event in Jackson Heights."

 - NBC's Minneapolis affiliate, KARE, produced a segment on local project creator Dawn Otwell, who "is on the verge of realizing her American dream," reporting "But unlike previous generations of entrepreneurs, she has an online community to thank... Otwell is days away from opening the doors to her own cooperative business, a bakery called The Donut Cooperative. Turned down by banks for financing, Otwell found little hope for her business launch until someone told her about"

 - A.V. Club reported that acclaimed filmmaker Hal Hartley "hasn’t released a feature since 2006’s strange spy thriller satire-cum-Henry Fool sequel, Fay Grim... But he’s also been hard at work on a longer film called Meanwhile, a story that Hartley initially envisioned as an hour-long 'featurette' similar to earlier efforts like Surviving Desire and The Book Of Life, and which somewhere along the way turned into a prospective pilot for a miniseries."

    1. Nelson de Witt on

      The Huffington Post ran an article Friday about my documentary film and Kickstarter project. I was kind of bummed that they didn't mention KIckstarter as the platform for which we raised the money even though I mentioned it. Oh well.

    2. on

      My project was mentioned in my local paper (White Bear Press) last week. Right next to the Turkey Bingo!!! Any press is good though, right : )
      I also saw Denis Leary this week promoting his Firefighter documentary using Kickstarter on the news. Very cool.

    3. Missing avatar

      carole estrella on

      can u please advise on a funded project, from March. It was supposed to be released in July-September. I and a friend donated. We are still, to date, wondering what happened to the project. It was called Homeless in PDX,the second chapter. thanks.

    4. Tim Moore on

      My project also got some nice press from Read Write Web, Selectism, MagCulture,, Lost in E Minor, and a bunch of others. Having a platform that's as well known as Kickstarter has really helped get awareness for the app.

    5. Cassie Marketos on

      Carole, questions should be directed to our Help Desk at — somebody there can help you out!

    6. National Ranching Heritage Center on

      Our project, "Unwanted Visitor: Portrait of Wildfire" by Herb Williams has also gotten some great coverage. Here are a few stories:
      We are so happy to have had Kickstarter to help make this project a reality.

    7. Pablo Cosgaya on - the most important digital newspaper in Argentina ran a story on the Google Web Fonts support type design project "Montserrat" :)

    8. Armando Romé on

      My project was also mention last week in a local news San Diego Reader, and I was just in tv promoting my kickstarter page !!!!!

    9. Boombotix on

      Our project for a Waterproof/Wireless Nano watch conversion was on TechCrunch and PC World this week and we got more traffic to our website than EVER. We are glad just to use Kickstarter as a platform to share our ideas.

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      deleted on

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      Namaku Keren on

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      Doa Ibu Tersayang on

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