Project Synergy: A Filmmaker Sources Musopen

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Back in September of last year, Musopen successfully raised funds to record and release classical music into the public domain. One month later, LA filmmaker Joel Maguen launched a small project to fund his short film House Painting, and what resulted was a delightful synergy of the two: Maguen was able to source free music for his soundtrack from Musopen, which he calls “a truly wonderful resource,” and the melodies he found are a beautiful complement to his narrative.

Take a moment to watch this in full screen (above). The story follows Larry, a young boy who finds a spiritual guide in a chain-smoking, hard-living house painter named Dade Smith. It’s a fantastic mash-up of lyrical terracotta undertones and comedic operatic epiphanies, beginning with windswept plains and ending with an underage PBR toast and a dirty little “secret.” Totally charming.

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