Product Upgrades: Project Quotes in Comments, and More

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Here’s a quick overview of some recent improvements to Kickstarter that we’re excited to tell you about.

First up is a feature we’re calling quoted comments. It’s designed to make it easier for backers to start a public conversation with creators.

Backers often want to ask questions about a specific element of a project. They may be seeking clarification about something, or they may want the creator to substantiate a claim. These interactions are a core part of supporting projects on Kickstarter, and quoted comments are a great way to kick them off.

To use this feature, you simply highlight a line of text in the project’s description, up to 300 characters. A box then pops up giving you the option to quote this text. Clicking “Start a comment” will take you to the project’s comments section, where the selected text will appear as a quote. You can write your comment or question beneath the quote.

For now, the quoted comments feature is available only on the desktop web, and only to Superbackers. What are Superbackers? They’re backers who have supported more than 25 Kickstarter projects with pledges of at least $10 in the past year. In other words, they’re core members of our backer community, and they often have helpful feedback for creators.

Here are a few other upgrades to Kickstarter that we’ve rolled out recently:

• Some creators find it hard to figure out what to say in a project update. We know that an empty text box can be intimidating. So we created a new update format called Q&A. It’s essentially a template that lets creators answer questions about the emotional and practical steps in their project’s journey, using text and multimedia. We’ll be adding new questions over time to keep things fresh. Creators can find this under the Q&A tab on the post-an-update page.

Collette June Ellis, a Publishing creator, posted a nice example of a Q&A update.
Collette June Ellis, a Publishing creator, posted a nice example of a Q&A update.

• You may have noticed that we just overhauled the Updates tab on project pages. Among other changes, it now shows a meaty preview of each update, and when you click or tap on one, the full update shows up in a flash.

• Creators can now easily embed content from sources like Twitch, Instagram, and Facebook Live into project pages and updates, helping them bring their full online presence into their Kickstarter projects.

• On desktop and mobile web, comments on project updates can now be threaded, just as they are on a project’s main comments tab.

• Here’s a feature that creators have been requesting for some time: They can now generate the final web address of their project before they launch. That URL is a useful thing to have as creators put together their promotional and press plans. Creators can find this in the “Promotion” section of the build-a-project area once they’ve submitted their project for approval.

We’re working to make Kickstarter better every day. Watch this space for more upgrades soon.