Product Upgrades: A Batch of Improvements for Creators

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We’ve been listening to creator feedback on ways to make it easier to plan, build, and launch projects. Over the past few months, we’ve rolled out some changes to the project editor and dashboard that we hope will do just that. Here’s what’s new: 

Fresh look and easier navigation: We’ve freshened up the look of the project editor and made it easier to navigate between sections and find what you’re looking for. Use the bar at the top to switch to Rewards, Story, and so on. 

Promoting your project: We added a Promotion section under “Prepare for Launch” and in the navigation bar that you can access once your project is submitted for approval. In this section, you can generate your final project URL and activate a pre-launch page. Read on for details...

Project URL: After your project is submitted for approval, you can generate the final web address of your project. You can use this URL to plan and prepare project promotion. Note that this URL will not actually work until you activate your pre-launch page (see below) or your project goes live. 

Pre-launch page: Once your project is approved, you can activate a pre-launch page that includes your project title, subtitle, and image. There’s also a button that lets potential backers ask to be notified when the project goes live. This page has the same web address as your project, so you can start spreading the word before you launch. 

Follower count: Before your project launches, you can see a count of people who are following your project pre-launch and will receive an email or push notification when it goes live. 

Fulfillment dashboard with shipping costs: We’ve introduced new tools to help you plan and manage the fulfillment process. You can view a summary of what you raised, inventory counts for reward items, and detailed shipping insights, making it easier to visualize your overall progress with fulfillment. We recognize how hard it can be to plan for shipping costs, so we’ve added several new visualizations and breakdowns just for shipping. We’re still refining this feature and we’d appreciate your feedback through the survey on the dashboard. 

In previous Product Upgrades posts, we talked about improvements to comments and updates and a calculator for funding goals. Stay tuned for more.