Pocket Creative Kit: Free Sound Effects For You and Me!

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Despite the fact that I am going broke backing projects, allow me to explain why I gave Joel Wilson $10. Through his Kickstarter project, the Pocket Creative Kit: Original Sound Effects On-the-Go, Joel is putting together a highly portable toolkit for audio recording so that he can provide us with a royalty-free sound effects collection. Appreciating the sweet reverb of a clap in an empty room or the ominous echoes of footsteps in a stairwell, Wilson isn’t weird; he’s just attuned. And generous!

Whether you are a budding filmmaker, artist, musician, podcaster, or just a cool human who takes pleasure in cool sounds, has Wilson got a deal for you. A lover of recording technology, happy-to-share Wilson recently posted a project update in which he itemized a suggested gear list for how to make your own portable kit. I’m starting to feel like my grandma here, but what a doll!

Pocket Creative Kit offers 50 fx for $5, at least 100 fx for $10, that plus you can request your own sound for $20, and, if you live near Wilson in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and want to learn how he does it, Wilson will personally train you for $250. You know, I’ve heard this before, but I never appreciated it until just now: perhaps we really are better off not messing with Texas.

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