Photography Projects Come to Life

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Every once in a while projects we’ve highlighted on Kickstarter make their way into the real world. This past week, two in particular have made their way off the site, manifesting as an exhibition in Chicago and in Time Magazine’s Best Photos of 2010 feature. Exciting!

I Love You Real Fast — by Krisanne Johnson

Every year Time Magazine looks back on the year in images. Examining the world at large, the Best Photos of 2010 takes an inside look into the big stories of the year: the earthquake in Haiti, the Chilean miner tragedy, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the World Cup, etc. Alongside noted photojournalists featured in this years piece is Krisanne Johnson, who has been documenting how the HIV/AIDs epidemic has affected the life expectancy rate in Swaziland with the help of the Magnum Foundation and a campaign on Kickstarter.

Of her project, Johnson noted, “[Kickstarter] opened my eyes to the power of independent online fundraising and to the awareness and outreach the project link generated through various social-networking sites. The Kickstarter community has renewed my energy to continue the work and to share the stories of this new generation of Swazi teenagers confronting the unfamiliar challenges of the epidemic.”

Finding Vivian Maier — by Toneloof

Lately, we’ve also been obsessed with delving into the oeuvre of Vivian Maier, the obscure street photographer whose work has seen growing interest since John Maloof purchased a box of 30,000 photos from Maier at an estate sale. Currently Maloof is funding a documentary on the photographer, Finding Vivian Maier. In the meantime, he is currently holding an exhibition of the artists work at the Chicago Cultural Center, which opens tomorrow (December 31st) and runs through April 3rd.

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