Paste Hearts Kickstarter

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And we heart Paste back. Paste Magazine gave Kickstarter a very nice write-up today, focusing on the many music projects that have come through the site as well as the non-music stuff as well:

Although Kickstarter is still an invitation-only website (IE: you won’t be seeing any crazy bag-ladies asking for “project funding” any time soon), the word is beginning to spread among musicians. Among the more oddball projects, like the “Run, Blago, Run!” exhibition, musical projects are popping up every week on Kickstarter: Polyvinyl indie band Volcano, I’m Still Excited!! are looking to vinyl-ize their 2004 debut, a recording engineer is trying to make a New Orleans blues-electronica mash-up, and Allison Weiss needs help making her new E.P. Of course, there’s also Attractive Eighties Women, the project of Paste’s very own Associate Editor Steve LaBate, who successfully raised more than twice their goal amount to fund their next album.

Pledge money on Kickstarter is only collected once the project goal has been reached, so you don’t have to worry about throwing money away for a project that will never be fully funded. The only hard part now is deciding which good cause to help out. We suggest you start by browsing the recommended projects page.

Very generous of them. And Paste, next time you are raising money, come to Kickstarter. You won’t have to build your own infrastructure, you can easily gauge interest, and you can offer excellent incentives. We’d be more than happy to help.