Our First 100 Days in Mexico

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Today marks 100 days since we opened Kickstarter to artists and creators in Mexico. During that time, more than 500 independent artists, photographers, filmmakers, designers, developers, musicians, and more have launched projects, raising 16 million pesos from backers around the world.

Together, they’re bringing some incredibly creative ideas to life — from a new electronic–Afro-Latino fusion album to a collection of leather goods that promotes positive social change to a fantastically weird series of short animated films. And we’re particularly excited to report that 25 percent of backers are from the United States. At this moment, we see a clear desire in our community to reach beyond borders and build bridges across cultures.

From Mural de la Hermandad/Brotherhood Mural by Enrique Chiu, a project to paint a section of the U.S.-Mexico border fence.
From Mural de la Hermandad/Brotherhood Mural by Enrique Chiu, a project to paint a section of the U.S.-Mexico border fence.

In that same spirit of bridge-building, we pledged to donate our five percent fee from every successful project launched in Mexico within the first 100 days to a Mexico-based charitable organization fighting for a more creative and equitable world. Our donation will go to Crea, an organization working to empower women entrepreneurs from economically marginalized communities in Mexico. We hope you’ll take a minute to learn more about the important work they’re doing.

We also hoped to reach past divides by amplifying the voices of independent artists and creators from Mexico. To that end, our friends at The Creative Independent recently traveled to Mexico City and returned with a series of insightful conversations with creators. They’ll publish one every day this week. These wide-ranging discussions explore how collaboration can make you braver, what it means to be a curator, the difference between activism and art, what it’s like to start your own festival, and more.

We’re inspired and energized by the wide range of creative ideas brought to life by Mexico-based creators in their first 100 days on Kickstarter — and we can’t wait for what’s to come.

Head here to see what independent creators in Mexico are making right now.

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Hoy hace 100 días abrimos Kickstarter a artistas y creadores en México. Durante este tiempo, más de 500 artistas independientes, fotógrafos, cineastas, diseñadores, developers, músicos, y más han publicado proyectos. Juntos han recaudado 16 millones de pesos de patrocinadores alrededor del mundo.

Estos proyectos están haciendo realidad ideas increíbles - desde un nuevo álbum que fusiona ritmos electro-afro-latinos, hasta una hermosa colección de accesorios de piel que promueve la inclusión social, y una increíblemente rara serie de cortos animados. Y estamos especialmente emocionados de anunciar que el 25% de las contribuciones vienen de patrocinadores en Estados Unidos. En este momento, vemos un claro deseo en nuestra comunidad de ir más allá de las fronteras, y construir puentes a través de las culturas.

De Mural de la Hermandad/Brotherhood Mural por Enrique Chiu, un proyecto para pintar un mural en parte del muro fronterizo entre EEUU y México.
De Mural de la Hermandad/Brotherhood Mural por Enrique Chiu, un proyecto para pintar un mural en parte del muro fronterizo entre EEUU y México.

En este espíritu, nos comprometimos a donar nuestro 5% de comisión sobre todos los proyectos exitosos publicados en México durante los primeros 100 días a una organización basada en México y que trabaje por un mundo más creativo y equitativo. Nuestra donación irá a Crea; la cual está enfocada en empoderar a mujeres empresarias de comunidades económicamente marginadas en México. Esperamos te tomes un minuto para leer acerca del importante trabajo que están haciendo.

De igual forma, esperamos superar barreras amplificando las voces de artistas independientes y creativos en México. Con este fin, nuestros amigos de The Creative Independent recientemente viajaron a la Ciudad de México y regresaron con una serie de conversaciones perspicaces con creativos. Esta semana, están publicando una entrevista cada día. Estas discusiones exploran cómo la colaboración puede hacerte más valiente, lo que significa ser curador, la diferencia entre el activismo y el arte, y la experiencia de empezar tu propio festival.

Estamos inspirados con las ideas creativas hechas realidad por las comunidades creativas mexicanas durante sus primeros 100 días en Kickstarter - y nos emociona lo que continuarán haciendo.

Haz clic aquí para ver lo que creadores independientes en México están haciendo.

    1. Victor Goodman on

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      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    3. Missing avatar

      John Nielsen on

      Not going to delete my account, also not going to add to political comments. I am American second generation, half Mexican, half Danish. Seems to me we're all in this together, but what do I know. Kickstarter is my link to human creativity, sans borders.

    4. Missing avatar

      Cathryn Sells on

      I'm so sorry that some folks cannot see the big picture and appreciate the huge contribution that these immigrants make to our economy, even if you discount the fact that they are human beings who live in the same planet with us and are trying to find a better life for their families. Without their coming here to work at the low-paying jobs that no one here wants, our food costs would skyrocket and we would not be eating so extravagantly as we do. They pay taxes on their income, unlike the wealthy, unlike our "President" and they add to our economy. They are far less likely to commit serious crimes than American citizens. When did an undocumented alien ever take a job that a citizen wanted? Never. Please have some compassion and try to understand what it must be like to be unable to support your family in your home country, how desperate one must be to risk so much that you would illegally enter a country from which you might be deported at any time.

    5. Missing avatar

      Caroline Perez on

      Bravo Kickstarter, bravo...

    6. Missing avatar

      Salvador Lopez on

      Come on,, overcome your traumas,stop linking words with what you don't like

    7. Missing avatar

      Gloria Jorgensen on

      In my experience white Americans are spoiled and I should know since I am one and have been one for nearly 65 years. I see Mexicans, especially "illegal Mexicans," work hard in substandard conditions for very little money. That's the primary reason Americans have such delicious produce at relatively inexpensive costs. It's the reason wealthy people, many of them politicians, have clean homes. White Americans are brought up to think they deserve everything and no one else deserves anything, in my experience. I believe that's wrong. So long as one of us, human beings, is hungry or in need, we all are. So much of this country was stolen from Mexico not so long ago. These days we make reparations in countries where we have fought wars. What about reparations for Mexico and the Mexican people? Theirs is a rich culture. We are poorer for keeping it out.

    8. Missing avatar

      Bob Peterson on

      Stereotyping, generalizing, simplifying, rationalizing, etc, etc.

      Some illegals are a burden. Some are not.
      Some legals are a burden. Some are not.
      Some people on the planet live better lives than others. Some people live worse lives than others on the planet.
      If you believe if one of us is hungry we are all hungry then you have to accept the concept that if one of us is well fed we are all well fed. That's the way logos, not pathos works - and eventually logos will always win the day.
      So, I for one, would appreciate it greatly if you would keep your political views to yourself and leave this site open for those who work to create and those who work to support those who create.
      The end. Enough said.

    9. Missing avatar

      Lance Haley on


      I cannot believe that an unnecessary political dog whistle was unleashed on the beautiful metaphor of "building bridges".

      Did any of the detractors not notice the fact that Kickstarter funding for these campaigns is going to projects, people, and companies in Mexico? Now it doesn't take a 5th grade education to figure out that means creating jobs in Mexico. Which keeps more people gainfully employed in Mexico. Which means less incentive to look "North" for work. While metaphorically building bridges between our two countries.

      Yet, some choose to take a brilliantly conceived crowd-funding concept with an ancillary humanitarian twist which actually serves to mitigate the problem of illegal immigration, then politicize it because of semantics?

      How pathetic. Only in America...

      Keep up the great work Kickstarter!!!

    10. project Art-M2 & FormArt 3D Art-printing on

      Less than a century ago a guy called Adolf told the Germens that Jews and Gypsies were the cause of all problems.
      We all know what came from not stopping him in time.

      Keep on opposing Donald’s ideas

    11. Patz Turner on

      I have supported numerous Kickstarter projects. The results - OK on most of them. Some were great, some lame. But I do not support any organization or business that rams their ideology, no matter what it is, down my throat. I will no longer fund any kickstarter project, and am sorry that I have several in the making- and maybe that loss will help you get back to your job. Present the program, let the people decide what to fund.

    12. Nona Hendryx on

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      heather carey on

      Love that u r doing this . Look forward to supporting artists from any country.

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