Open Call: Apply to Become a Kickstarter Creator-in-Residence

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Creator-in-Residence René Kladzyk
Creator-in-Residence René Kladzyk

We’re excited to announce the open call for Kickstarter’s Spring 2020 Creators-in-Residence program.

Whether you’re a first-time creator building your community or a repeat creator looking to fulfill your rewards, our Creators-in-Residence program can give you the time and space to move your project forward.

Started in 2017, our Creators-in-Residence program invites NYC-based creators in the process of planning, launching, or fulfilling Kickstarter campaigns to join us at our HQ in Greenpoint, Brooklyn for a three-month residency.

Apply here

The Spring 2020 session will run from Tuesday, April 7, through Friday, July 3.

Set up your dedicated workspace. Choreograph performances in the theater. Record podcast episodes in the sound studio. Meet with collaborators in the conference rooms. Read in a quiet library space. Host a launch party on our rooftop garden. Try out new recipes in the kitchen.

Kickstarter’s HQ can be a launching pad for creative work across all categories. While in residence, creators are paired with a staff mentor who specializes in their area of interest. Residents from every discipline meet regularly, and are encouraged to share learnings and collaborate. Residents are also welcome to use Kickstarter’s beautiful and inspiring HQ to host workshops, talks, and performances, that help them build a direct relationship with their audiences.

The deadline for applications is Friday February 28. Apply here.

Creator-in-Residence José Rivera, Jr. working on choreography in Kickstarter HQ’s theater
Creator-in-Residence José Rivera, Jr. working on choreography in Kickstarter HQ’s theater

As part of our mission to help bring creative projects to life, we're always looking for ways to help artists and creators find the support and resources they need to make their ideas a reality.

Since launching the Creators-in-Residence program, we’ve welcomed more than 45 Kickstarter creators into the building for three-month residencies. They’ve launched campaigns, shot full-length art films, experimented with new recipes, playtested board games, drafted business plans, mailed thousands of rewards, and hosted performances, workshops, and events.

Here’s what a few of them have done in the past: 

  • Artists Jennifer and Kevin McCoy shot their short film CLEANER while in residence at Kickstarter HQ, and later debuted it at Postmasters Gallery, with reviews in Art in America and Artforum
  • Musician René Kladzyk collaborated with The Creative Independent to launch a survey gathering insights on how to make the music industry better, which led to the creation of a report called “How to build the future music industry we want and need.” 
  • Filmmakers Dan Schoenbrun and Vanessa McDonnell (creators of The Eyeslicer) partnered with Kickstarter to present Radical Film Fair, a new way to celebrate and support independent film. 
  • Designer Adam J. Kurtz fulfilled thousands of Unsolicited Advice Weekly Planners
  • Choreographer Raja Feather Kelly launched Tele-Gala-A-Thon, a 24-hour campaign with performances streaming live from Kickstarter HQ. Audiences were invited to engage directly with the performers, while also getting a peek into their creative process. 
  • Artist Sean J. Patrick Carney recorded 30 interviews with contemporary artists and comedians for his podcast, Humor and the Abject, in Kickstarter’s sound studio.

“Through the residency, I learned how I was going to make this kind of creative life happen,” food creator and Summer 2018 Creator-in-Resident Jenn de la Vega told us. “I went in not knowing what my day to day would be like after leaving a cushy tech job. Now I'm excited to have ongoing projects that will propel me forward.”

The Creators-in-Residence program is part of our commitment to supporting creators as they navigate the twists and turns of the creative process. We welcome applications from creators at any stage, whether that means a rough draft in a notebook or a fully-orchestrated community development project. We’re here for the most powerful ideas and the wildest—the most unlikely and the most silly. Every creator maintains complete creative control over their work—and the opportunity to build a vibrant community around it.

Submit your application for the Spring 2020 Creators-in-Residence program. Applications are due by Friday February 28. If you have questions, email us at