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One Question, Six Creators: What Makes a Good Project Page?

Clockwise from top left: Kit Hickey, Cori Olinghouse, Aaron Rasmussen, Steve McGuigan (1/2 of Bitbanger Labs), Brian Foo, and Jake Parker
Clockwise from top left: Kit Hickey, Cori Olinghouse, Aaron Rasmussen, Steve McGuigan (1/2 of Bitbanger Labs), Brian Foo, and Jake Parker

We’re always interested in how creators can best share their ideas with the community, and having an informative and compelling project page is one of the first steps to doing so! We asked creators from several categories about what they think is important to consider while building a project page.

Cori Olinghouse (Ghost lines LIVE, Dance): Make it as visually engaging as possible! People don't want to spend endless time reading text - it's wonderful when it's direct, sincere, and you bring people into your process in the most dynamic way possible.

Jake Parker (DRAWINGS, Comics): The project image that you pick is the same image that shows up on the projects page, so it’s going to be this tiny thumbnail, but it’s also going to be this big image at the top of your project page. 90% of people are just going to see this as a thumbnail, so I think it needs to work more as a small image than it does as a big image. If you look at my last project, I made the letters huge. I wanted to make sure that tiny thumbnail was very clickable. My advice is to not just think about the page, but think about how your project will exist outside of the project page on the rest of Kickstarter.

We’re living in this time where attention spans are short, and imagery is a key factor in how we process information. Your Kickstarter page should have lots of pictures. If you’re going to write out lots of words, break it up into smaller chunks. Long text can get boring and tedious, and I’m less likely to sift through a giant paragraph, than through bullet points. That said, you do need to tell your story, but you need to tell it in an easily digestible way.

Make sure your image for your video is a nice, iconic piece of artwork that looks great small as well as big, have lots of pictures on your page, show pictures of things they’re going to get when they back you, show pictures of your project, bullet point style or short snippet style of writing.

Kit Hickey (Ministry of Supply: The Future of Dress Shirts, Fashion): Spend a LOT of time thinking about what your story is. For example, we spoke to over 150 people about how our Apollo shirt would improve their life. This enabled us to tell our story in a way that showed this wasn't just a shirt: instead, it is something that really would make you feel more confident throughout your day, enable you to perform better and become a part of your daily life. Telling this story is the most important thing on the page.

Aaron Rasmussen (Mr.Ghost: iPhone EMF Detector, Technology): Be clear about what your project is at the top of the page. Include any relevant information on technical specs etc. When I'm glancing over a kickstarter project, I always read a little before watching the video. If the video is beautiful but the written part is a disaster, I may never see your beautiful video.

Back some projects, watch a ton of project videos, read a lot of body copy. Check out other projects that were successful in your category, and use the video ideas that you like.

Put some thought into your rewards. Write them clearly. Make sure people understand what they're getting. BlindSide was difficult to make multiple rewards for. It seemed like you either wanted the game or not. Michael and I thought about it and came up with doing a customized version at the high end, which three people did and we thoroughly enjoyed making. At the low end, the reward was half of the game. Have friends review your project description and make edits for clarity. You'll be very close to your project, so you need some impartial eyes to help you determine if you're skipping important concepts or belaboring unimportant ones.

Brian Foo (Continuous City, Publishing): Tell a story, show that you're a normal person, be as genuine as possible, make your pitch clear (i.e. someone can repeat it to someone else), have good sound in your video.

Steve McGuigan (pixelstick - Light painting evolved, Technology): Beg, borrow, or steal talent and equipment to make your video and copy as inviting and polished as possible. You are asking people to put their trust in you, the least you can do is present your idea well.


    1. Creator Yinyamina and Trexrell on May 6, 2014

      Thanks for that info.

    2. Creator Kate on May 7, 2014

      thank you all for great advices :)

    3. Creator chase pashkowich on May 7, 2014

      Great tidbits here. Bookmarked.

    4. Creator Daniel D Walker on May 16, 2014

      I cannot express enough how vitally important your advice is to not only myself, but to anyone thinking about starting a Kickstarter project....I will take the advice to heart and incorporate it into my project...thanks for sharing the info......

    5. Creator Lachezar Draganov on June 24, 2014

      Great thoughts guys! Much appreciated!

    6. Creator Carl "Charlie" Holthausen on July 15, 2014

      Thanks, great ideas and suggestions... This is my first time!

    7. Creator Jeff Davenport on July 28, 2014

      Much appreciated comments, I'm glad to be here , will keep it real as we move onward and outward together lol's , thanks for sharing !!

    8. Creator Manuel Martinez on August 8, 2014

      Thanks for the ideas and suggestions... This is my first time!

    9. Creator Nancy Stone on August 10, 2014

      Thanks, It is always helpful to hear advice from somebody with experience

    10. Creator Pedro on August 12, 2014

      Great advice thanks!

    11. Creator René Kastermans on October 12

      Thanks for your advice, Its the first time on Kickstarter for me.

    12. Creator Donna Hopkins on November 2

      Excellent suggestions. Thanks to all!

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    14. Creator Zaid Abu Hamdan on November 13

      Now it all sounds scary... but clear. Thanks!

    15. Creator 2M-Innovations, LLC on November 25

      This was very helpful !!!!!

    16. Creator D Hall Designs on December 10

      Wish I would've read Jake's advice BEFORE I started this process...

    17. Creator Jackie Paulson on December 18

      I am seriously thinking of starting a project. Loved the video on how to start.

    18. Creator Marie Claire Akamendo Bita on December 19

      i will take them on consideration

    19. Creator John W Bennett Jr on January 13

      Very helpfull getting ready to launch several projects just want to take in as much info as possible been waiting a long time for this to happen thanks all

    20. Creator Alan Susarret on January 22

      Solid info - thanks for taking the time to share! 3 days into my first project and having a blast!!

    21. Creator Wayne Lin on January 24

      I've read this handbook thoroughly, very useful information!

    22. Creator John Conser on January 29

      Hi Kickstarter, I posted my project & after reviewing it I realize it is terrible & I would like to revise & rpost it. The project is called Living Life on the Edge by John Conser. I wouold appreciate hering from you on my email. Thank you, John Conser

    23. Creator walt harper on February 5

      Advice is a wonderful thing for the price. From $0 to $18,000 for a model, there must be a compromise somewhere! I have the most superfluous campaign that Kickstarter has ever seen (IMAO) but I seem to have a problem with expressing intent and making videos. What to do? Where to go?

    24. Creator Andy Gersh on February 23

      Great advice from each of the submitters. Thanks!

    25. Creator HORACEHUGH on February 23

      Thanks for some really good advice! We are making some major tweaks to our site right now. Hope it's not to late ! Best, Janice/HORACEHUGH BetterBow

    26. Creator AntiRapRebel on February 27

      Hey KICKSTARTER! Our campaign is starting to gain momentum! We are a live HIPHOP band out of nyc. thanks for the great advice! See you when we make our goal

    27. Creator Matthew Boenker on February 28

      Hi Y'all,
      I'm about ready to launch our first Kickstarter campaign to "Save our Farm" and like the rest of you, I'm sure that you were scared. Scared of rejection and failure...however, I'm glad to have read this and I too will make some changes to our sight before it goes live. Nothing in life is without risks and I'm at the point to make it happen no matter what. I'm 62 this year and excited about the future; saving the farm and creating jobs! Boenker Hill Vineyard and Winery - St. Louis Missouri. Thanks, Matthew Boenker

    28. Creator Shay Sabah and Yoram Aharony on March 19

      Thank you for your tips. i wish i have seen it before i made my video. Btw , not related so much but i wanted to share anyways. i just realized that there is this technique where the subject is talking to some imaginary interviewer that is supposed to be sitting 45 degrees from the camera. I have seen it million times in documentaries but i had never paid attention to it. Now (drums of daaaaa i just realized that many kickstarter videos used that technique i guess for giving some kind of documentary feeling of being asked questions by someone and hence answer the "story" back. Anyways. thank you for sharing your stories , even though you were all funded, its good to know about your products and your stories for the future.