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Now Trending on Kickstarter: Crafty Knitables

I've recently become obsessed with knitting. Even though the weather is warming up, I can't stop making knit socks. I'm not the only one thinking about yarn in the summer, however — project creators are needling ahead with fun, knitable, yarn-y projects, heat or no heat. From customized, hand-painted yarn to crafty history lessons, knitting projects are going strong on Kickstarter. Check them out below!

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Ever wanted a sweater that looked like Starry Night? Socks that look like the Swedish flag? Becka Berger can help you out. You just tell her what colors you want your yarn to be, and she'll use natural dyes, acid dyes and drink mixes to make it for you. If you want a scarf with the color scheme of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" outfit but can't make it yourself, just get a skein of beautiful hand-painted yarn from Becka and send it over to Grandma!

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Some people have the impression that knitting is just a frivolous activity for spinsters and hipsters, but it's not so! Essayist and knitwear designer Rohn Strong is putting together a really lovely book about an extraordinary group of people who knit for soldiers in World War I and II. Rohn has researched 25 patterns distributed by the Red Cross and issued by the military for knitters at home to make for the troops, Allied forces, and refugees. Now you can make socks just like Great Grandpa used to wear. 

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There's something really pleasant about the thought of holding a ball of yarn that comes from a happy sheep roaming the emerald hills of Ireland. According to Sara Breitenfeldt, sheep are shorn in the beginning of June, so she wants to "rescue" the wool from this summer's sheering and turn it into artisan yarn for you and me. Sweet!

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It's easy to forget sometimes that clothes didn't always just pop out of Madewell factories. People used to actually make this stuff by hand! Annie Modesitt is taking shaping and draping techniques from a previous periods and updating them to modern patterns that nod to historical garments, but aren't "costumey." Pretty cool that you can explore history through the clothes of the past, but also learn how to make them to fit yourself today. 

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And finally, you're going to need a place to hold all that hand-painted, Irish yarn that you are knitting into a World War II hat and jacket inspired by Elizabeth I. Happy knitting!


    1. Creator EscapeRte9Media on June 1, 2012

      Yarn is the new bubble. Those who get in early are sure to profit.

    2. Creator Nicole He on June 1, 2012


    3. Creator Emily Thayer on June 1, 2012

      Doggone it, the Knitting for Victory project is closed to new backers, and has been since April 13! I've asked about buying an e-book when it's available.

    4. Creator vickie selleck on June 2, 2012

      Great ideas, all of them.