New Ways to Dive Into Kickstarter Live

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A few months back we introduced you to Kickstarter Live, a powerful new way to bring creators and backers closer together through live video. It’s helped creators generate greater support for their ideas at the earliest stages of development, and it’s given backers a front row seat to the creative journey in real time. Starting today it gets even easier to discover and enjoy the best of Kickstarter Live as we put it front and center on our homepage, and in our app for iPhone and iPad.


Open the app and tap ‘Kickstarter Live’ to zero in on streams that are live right now, upcoming, or completed in the past 48 hours. If it’s a live or recent stream, just tap to tune in. You can also choose to be notified when a future broadcast begins.

A new area on our homepage works much the same way, highlighting three creators who are hopping on camera. Check out a full schedule of upcoming streams here. You’ll find live product demos, intimate musical performances, gameplay tutorials, and more. One recent stream by the design studio CW&T took backers into the print shop for a tour of where their posters were being printed.

If you’re a creator and you want to get started with Kickstarter Live, we’ve compiled some tips and advice. You might have fun and give a lift to your project. Since its launch, creators who have used Kickstarter Live have had a 74% success rate — more than double the average. Give it a try, and stay tuned for more upgrades, like the ability for backers to participate in live chats through the app. We’ll be watching!