New Projects Are Up A Tree

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Every week, Kickstarter staff collect a few of our favorite, recently launched projects to share with the masses (we can't help it — we get excited!). You can check out our choices this week, below, but make sure to stop by our Discover page to find even more. So many good projects, so little time! 

Cajeta de Celaya, a slowly-evaporated goat milk caramel.
Cajeta de Celaya, a slowly-evaporated goat milk caramel.

Handmade mexican delights? That is a pretty good way to get me interested in your project, which is exactly what Minerva, the maven behind the Muneca Mexicana project, did when she explained exactly how she was going to create Goat Milk Cajeta, Mole Poblano sauce, and a bunch of other Mexican specialties that I really need in my life. Best part is, she's doing it all herself, creating new treats the same way people did in "Hermosillo, the largest city in the northwestern Mexican state of Sonora." Honestly, I really couldn't resist the Goat Milk Cajeta, which sounds like dulce de leech…but even better? — Mike M. 

The TreeHouse v1.5, by Benjamin Jones

Who didn't want to live in a treehouse as kid? Okay, come on, you still do. It's not a fantasy that's frequently fulfilled for those of us that live in the New York area, but this summer, our dreams are coming true! Benjamin Rose is building a tree house as the centerpiece of the Figment NYC Season Long Sculpture Garden on Governor's Island, which already feels like a bizarro fantasy world as it is. Back the project and you can come hang out and attend a picnic/BBQ at the tree house itself. Sweet! — Nicole H. 

To An Extent, by Daniel Jaffe

Those jittery home videos from midcentury America! We've all seen them before (who hasn't?), but there seems to be a strange intermixing of harmless familial autobiography and eerily accurate variations on the theme. It is certainly visually intriguing, but what is this strange exploded ASCII art doing in the guise of swirling fonts, popping in and out of existence over a fractured recollection of a deeply traumatic memory? I'm not sure, but it's time for some popcorn. — Cooper T. 

Olympic City, by Jon Pack and Gary Hustwit

Ever been on vacation and wondered where some huge, dated architectural monstrosity came from and whether or not you should pay 10 bucks to take a tour of it? So has critically-acclaimed filmmaker Gary Hustwit. He's back with another Kickstarter project, this time with Brooklyn photographer Jon Pack, and this time, a photography book called The Olympic City. A nice de facto companion piece to Hustwit's last project on urban development, Hustwit and Pack's book explores the what-comes-after in cities that have hosted the Olympic games. — Meaghan O.

It's Complicated: A Feminist Zine on Loving Misogynist Art, by Niina

It's hard, or at least complicated, to love the art of men who have openly hated women, or men who have been historically interpreted as having hated women, or men who may not have realized they were hating women at the time, but we're simply parroting the deeply engrained gendered expectations of their given moment, or... do you see what I mean? The frustration of sifting through all of that socio-political-historical mess means I'm extra glad It's Complicated came along, so I could understand, or at least find empathy with, my struggle. Our struggle. Their struggle? Now I'm confused again. But this is an amazing 'zine full of cool girls writing about the type of men I've long alternated between idolizing and wanting to strangle, and I'm eager for their insight. Bring it on! — Cassie M.

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