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New Projects Are Unlikely Allies

This week's new projects are making us giggle! From pitch-perfect satires of a Kickstarter pitch video (I'm looking at you, Unlikely Allies), to the 50th birthday of one of our favorite childhood books, to a man named Mushy who plays the shofar like a whiz, but is helpless with a cellphone... we're nearly in (happy) stitches over here. Read on, laugh it up, and don't forget to browse for more!

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Prepare to be hypnotized. Sound artist Andrew Telichan takes typically unnoticed and undetectable sounds and turns them into music, and he's jetting over to Venezuela to team up with visual artist Livia Daza-Paris on a new piece. Through video, text, movement, and sound recordings they'll capture a region of the country’s landscape where citizens in the '60s disappeared in hidden acts of political violence. Andrew's role will be to help realize ideas developed by Livia that involve capturing those sounds within, around, and relating to the natural landscape and the people of the region marked by these hidden and historically overlooked events. Peep the video above, featuring resonances and reverberant echoes derived from impulse responses captured in various rooms of a centuries-old apartment building in the Ukraine, for a taste. — Daniella J.

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If you read a lot of books as a kid, you may remember a little boy named Milo who traveled to another land through a phantom tollbooth and whose traveling companions included a big dog that had a clock in its side. This book, The Phantom Tollbooth, has been transporting kids to magical places for fifty years now. 50 years! This documentary explores the backstory of the book's creation (the book's creators met when they are living in the same brownstone in Brooklyn Heights!) as well as its legacy, and will be beloved to anyone who has a soft spot for that big dog. — Meaghan O.

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What is Mushy Dictates? Hard to say. It might be a short form web-series about a neurotic old musician named Mushy Krongold. Or…it could be a real life costly performance art piece, which would make the video of Mushy blowing the shofar for 40 minutes  an insanely maniacal introduction to his life. Either way, not sure I really care, because all I want out of life is to follow Mushy as he calls customer service numbers and tries to figure out how to use his cell phone. And, this I shall do, since I pledged to the one reward which gives you inside access to Mushy's life. — Mike M. 
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Sean, Nicky, and "I don't have grapes in my mouth! heLLO!" are Unlikely Allies, a sketch comedy group of former NYU-ers. According to the grapeless wonder, they're raising funds without Kickstarter because "frankly, your microtransactions insult us." Without giving away their whole darn thang, I dig project vids created specifically for Kickstarter, especially ones that make me giggle. I also dig kids with small goals. Er — low funding targets, not professional aspirations. We all know sketch comedy is perfectly, where is that Mysterious Count Carloff? (A joke makes more sense if you watch this video. Click it. It's Monday! Hooray!) — Elisabeth H. 
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Yum! Liquoriste are a coupla ladies making agave-based mixers infused with things like herbs, fresh flowers, sea salts, plant essences. Their project is equal parts adventure as it is creation — they've traveled cross-country visiting small-batch distilleries, and exploring the perfect pairings for single-malt Kentucky whiskey's and (shhh) bootlegged moonshine. So far they’ve paired sour citrus and Tahitian vanilla with whiskey, fennel and caraway with gin, and even lime, sage, and lavender with a specially aged tequila. A $20 pledge to their project gets you your choice of mixer — but, help! I can’t decide which one I’d want… — Cassie M.


    1. Creator Sara Knight (deleted) on October 17, 2011

      The unlikely allies are really funny! You so need to do reconsider the whole not partaking in microtransactions thing. :)

    2. Creator Breathless Film, Inc. on October 19, 2011

      Hello Unlikely Allies, you really made us smile and we are extremely tempted to "insult" you with a donation... but need to look after our project first. Hope you'll get many insulting donations though, you seem to deserve it!!! ;-)