New Projects Are Super Retro!

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Every week, Kickstarter staff collect a few of our favorite, recently launched projects to share with the masses (we can't help it — we get excited!). You can check out our choices this week, below, but make sure to stop by our Discover page to find even more. So many good projects, so little time!

Birth Story pushes on to the Los Angeles film festival, by Birth Story

This is a documentary about world-famous midwife Ina May Gaskin. If you know who Ina May Gaskin is, right now you're probably like, "AHH, INA MAY!" And if you don't, you're no doubt wondering how the phrase, "world-famous midwife" is something that exists in the world/on the internet. Well, buckle up. Ina May Gaskin is basically the hippie responsible for all the baby blogs talking about having babies at home in swimming pools. In the 70's, she and a team of women started The Farm Midwifery Center on her Tennessee commune. Yessss. This was one of the first out-of-hospital birthing centers in the country, and the success of the center, along with the wild success of her books on the subject, have made her, and her amazing braids, a household name. Birth Story will celebrate Gaskin, her team of trusty midwives, the human body, the power of community, and the miracle of life. Also: cute totebag. — Meaghan O.

TSUZUKU (「つづく」) or "To Be Continued" - A Short Film in Kyoto, by Alessandro Debellegarde

TSUZUKU (「つづく」) or "To Be Continued" - A Short Film in Kyoto project video thumbnail
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As anyone who has had any form of contact with me in the past 48 hours knows, I have been battling a war on two fronts: and acute case of jetlag, and a small heartbreak at having returned from a short excursion to the land of Japan. To this end, I have taken to short but furiously productive naps (see War Front #1), and watching this project, which is full of beautiful shots of life in Kyoto (#2). Look at those bright lights! The geisha strolling in the earling evening! And see now, that American kid getting lost for the umpteenth time. Oh, that’s just me. — Cooper T.

EZ by EG- Comfortable, Convertible Women's Wear, by EZ by EG

Elias Gurrola and Gislane Maldonado are two young designers who met in high school, and now ten years later, they're starting a line of convertible women's wear together. There is always something that is exciting about convertible clothing, where you can change a shoe into a hat into a sweater. Okay, maybe Elias and Gislane's line—called EZ—is a little more practical than that, like The Tube which can be worn as a skirt, top or scarf, or The Wrap which can be worn as a dress, a cape or skirt. I want to try out all the combinations. — Nicole H.

Found Slides, A Life Remembered: The Graphic Novel, by Michael K. Lyman

When Michael Lyman picked up a vintage slide projector on a lark while at a thrift store in Florida, he had no idea what he was in for. Turns out, the previous owner had left behind 80, perfectly perserved Kodachrome slides — images of a daily family life that, albeit exceedingly "common," were totally compelling. And indeed! The photographs capture a brief moment in American history (immediately post-war, a slice of "real Americana") through the lens of one family's private world, and that relationship is both is evident and fascinating. Where this story gets really interesting, though, is when Lyman sought to discover the family's true identity... — Cassie M. 

Super Retro Squad, by Exploding Rabbit

Here's the part where I admit that I don't really know anything about video games. (Wasn't allowed to play them as a kid.) And here's the part where I admit that, despite that, I'm still charmed so stupid by the pitch video for Super Retro Squad that I would totally, totally go against my upbringing and play it for millions of hours straight. Each of the characters in this 2D platformer is inspired by one of the most classic video game characters of Ye Olde, which is a.) funny to watch them brainstorm on camera and b.) means they are recognizable to even the most uninformed  video game noob such as myself. Yay! — Cassie M.

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