New Projects Are Square Dancing

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Every Monday, Kickstarter staff collect a few of our favorite, recently launched projects to share with the masses (we can't help it — we get excited!). You can check out our choices this week, below, but make sure to stop by our Discover page to find even more. So many good projects, so little time!
The most recent issue of Slake magazine.
The most recent issue of Slake magazine.

Slake: Los Angeles — Dirt, the Fourth Issue, by Laurie Ochoa & Joe Donnelly

Slake is a journal of art and essays that operates as a defense of the printed word on the printed page. Contributors range from Pulitzer prizewinners to the previously unpublished, but they all share an unapologetic sense of place: Los Angeles. They extol the virtues of storytelling as a way toward empathy, and devote themselves to the things we love but tend to see less and less of in print: longform narrative journalism, fiction, poetry, art. With their first three issues Los Angeles Times bestsellers, it appears they may be onto something. They're calling Issue Four "The Dirt Issue" so get in while you can! — Meaghan O. 

The Cinecave at Lost Weekend Video, by Lost Weekend Video

Sure, the film world's aflutter with Sundance news  — and okay, so are we! (Nine glorious Kickstarter film projects and counting made it to this year's fest, with more being announced today. Hip Hip Hooray! etc etc.) But: there's plenty of love to go around, especially for these Bay Area film lovers. Can't help but adore Lost Weekend Video's Cinecave, a project to build a proper screening room in the basement of The Mission's premiere ye olde video shoppe. Sounds like a perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon. Get a sweet tote, comic, or mix tape, your name in marquee lights, a private screening party, or a song about you and your favorite movie, written and recorded by the LWV staff. Who needs laurels when you have popcorn? — Elisabeth H. 

The Higher Power, plugged in.
The Higher Power, plugged in.

Higher Power, by Means of Production

Here's the situation: You've got two computers. One iPhone charger. One stereo plug. A few lamps. A TV. A coffee maker. A hair dryer. And you have to get them to fit on one power outlet. God speed. Luckily, there is Higher Power, a cross-shaped power outlet that allows you to configure as many devices as you'd like, without having to implement an entire series of power strips into your life. It's kind of like God has answered all our prayers. Next up: trains that run on time.  — Mike M. 

A Culinary Odyssey, by Andrew Pham

I dream about eating my way through Southeast Asia by motorcycle, but that probably won't happen because I don't know how to ride a motorcycle. Fortunately for me, there's Andrew Pham's project to create a cookbook diary about his life, his family's heirloom culinary secrets, Asian cuisines and cultures, and dishes he's cooked and eaten for decades. The book will feature 40 recipes from Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia, as well as essays and tips, like the secret of his grandma's coconut caramel. Food writing (like a meal) is tastier when home cooked and personal, so $3 for a digital copy of the book is a total steal. — Nicole H. 

Preparing a themed meal for the film "The Importance of Being Earnest."
Preparing a themed meal for the film "The Importance of Being Earnest."

Cinema & Spice: A Cooking Show Inspired By Film! by, Cinema & Spice

I used to love hosting themed dinner&movie nights, but Natasha and Julianna are way, way, way, way better at it than I ever was. Each episode features on of their favorite films (more stuff we have in common, their picks include everything from Miyazaki to Raising Arizona), and a meal inspired by it, which the girls cook and present to their audience while appropriately costumed. My favorite so far? Bagel sandwiches, black&white cookies, and a cocktail called The Analyst for Annie Hall. I'm doing this tomorrow night. Seriously. — Cassie M. 

Mountain Dance Trail, by Gerald MInes

The old-timers of West Virginia have been tapping their feet to folk music for ages, but slowly the community square-dance tradition has been slipping (a sad fate traditions are often susceptible to). Becky Hill, an uber-fan of the music and dance of the mountains, picked up her bags and moved from Michigan to West Virginia four years ago to immerse herself in all things mountain dance. Now she's hard at work on the Mountain Dance Trail Project, an effort to interview, record, research, talk to, and dance with all her neighbors (and extended neighbors) along Route 33. Apparently the customs vary even from one community to the next. In the rewards, you'll find an invitation to a square dance — for realz! — Daniella J. 

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      Thanks for the support of Higher Power!
      Alex and Rob at Means of Production

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      Thank you SO much for mentioning us, Cassie! Let us know how your movie night turned out, or better yet, let us know what you'd like to see us make next!

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