New Projects Are Special Effects

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Each week, Kickstarter staff round up a few of our favorite, recently launched projects to share with you. Today we've got special effects, lady power in a few forms, and some old-fashioned photography focused on a very new kind of place. Read on!

FILM: Cartune Xprez: Special Effect, by Peter Burr

Cartune Xprez is going deep on The Zone. Not that special place you head off into when your spacing out, but rather a series of 18 animated visions inspired by Andrei Tarkovsky's Stalker. Peter Burr, Cartune Xprez's mastermind, has collected Chad VanGaalan, Breanna Murphy, Amy Lockhart, E*Rock, Luke Painter and other's, who, collectively, have shown at the MoMA, Whitney Biennial and the Sundance Film Festival. Justly,The Zone will premiere this fall at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York, where Burr will string the films together with a hacked Kinect camera, lasers and a ton of props to create a new vision of the future. Now, are you ready for the Zone? — Mike M. 

COMICS: Femme Schism Volume 1, by Tiffany Pascal

Loto is the spunky leader of a remote tribal community, and she's stuck in the worst situation of all time: forced to shack up with a zealous white Christian missionary who's trying to convert her tribe. Loto is also a creation of Tiffany Pascal, an artist who makes comics about strong, real women that break the super lame damsel-in-distress archetype that frequently plagues the world of comics. Tiffany is raising funds to get Femme Schism Volume 1 out in the world so that Loto can battle religious intolerance, gender injustice, and the wrongful assimilation of indigenous cultures, and have fun doing it! — Nicole H. 

ART: Girl Stories — sculptures that tell stories, by 15paintedcups

Lori has loved good adventures ever since she was a little girl geek, but she's always lamented the lack of kick-ass females in lead roles. So, now that she's a fully grown geek girl, she's made it her personal goal to upend the imbalance of female representation in popular media. The result? Mixed media series dubbed Girl Stories, a collection of hollow, hand-painted porcelain dolls that each contain an illustrated story, written by Lori herself. So far the jars include "rabbit girls, grumpy girls, and fully raging goddesses of death and destruction" — which I'd be into even if she stopped right there. But each jar is only half a story in and of itself, I can't wait to see what's inside! — Cassie M. 

PHOTOGRAPHY: The Ephemeral City: The Social Landscape of Dubai, by Jason Lucas

As a photographer, Jason Lucas is interested in liminal zones like edges, fault lines, and border lands. He uses his work to visually trace the arc of change as manifested in these spaces, and his Kickstarter project will focus on one city that has a particular symbolic relevance for the global evolution of our definition of "society" — Dubai. Jason will hit the ground in Dubai sometime this year, and work at an alarming pace of 16-18 hours (!!) a day, hoping to generate a body of photographs that explore the overwhelmingly transient nature of this relatively new city, and how this pattern of behavior echoes across our culture at large. Our modern, ephemeral lives! — Cassie M. 

FILM: Mile...Mile and a Half: A Feature Documentary, by The Muir Project

The John Muir Trail is 211 miles through the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California, stretching from Yosemite Valley to Mount Whitney. The trail is famously difficult (think carefully hiking your way up a snow-covered mountain in the middle of July) but promises views that are every day more beautiful than the last, and completing the hike can take about a month. The folks behind the Muir Project, whose mission is to inspire others to take the journey, are a collective of multimedia artists who are taking a film crew along for the ride (and by ride, I mean walk), to capture some of the beauty and adventure hidden along the trail. You have to earn the views, though, as they tell us in the video, so start hoarding your vacation days now. — Meaghan O.

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