New Projects Are Single White Females

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Every Monday, Kickstarter staff collect a few of our favorite, recently launched projects to share with the masses (we can't help it — we get excited!). You can check out our choices this week, below, but make sure to stop by our Discover page to find even more. So many good projects, so little time!

Swoon VI — The Technology Issue, by Kelly McKay

Emerging from the depths of the City of Angels, Swoon is a publication dedicated to spreading art and ideas, in order to, well, ya know, make the world a more interesting place. Swoon's fourth issue is dedicated to techno — in a broad sense — and is set to cover everything from the Detroit-Berlin connection, former Kickstarter star Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, as well as emerging artists like Julia Holter, Stellar Om Source and Light Asylum. This makes me very happy, as both a big fan of Stellar Om Source and Julia Holter, and as a young American enamored with the world's fascination with techno music, technology, and what happens when play with the two together. Oonz oonz oonz oonz. — Mike M.

Single White Females — Season 2, by Single White Females

Los Angeles' Rosa Handelman and Phoebe Neidhardt have been single white femaling since their sketch comedy days at Brown. Looks like all that ivy league improv paid off, as their webseries on the absurdities of being a modern lady is pretty delightfully absurd. Their demonic SIRI episode promptly resulted in some Monday morning office LOLz plus a link fwd to my man, who insists on including his cellbot in at least 45% of our pillow talk. Oh, also "Rasputin Diva" totes made me snort out 45% of my morning coffee. That's an inside joke between me and these single white biddies. Watch "Bucket List" to knowwhati'mtalkinbout. — Elisabeth H. 

ZigZag City Guides For Kids by, Alana Zawojski

I am not a school-age kid going on big-city travels, but this project still caught my eye because it's so darn CUTE. This set of travel guides star Zig and Zag, a boy-girl kid-friendly duo who, through fun facts, interactive games, a colorful a pop-out map, make traveling fun and educational for kids and adults alike! — Meaghan O. 

Three Astronauts The Opera, by Grethe Holby & Collaborators 

So many cool things going on here: 1. Three Astronauts is a new opera; 2. The opera's based on a children's book; 3. The book is about the space race to Mars and what happens when three competing astronauts/nations arrive at the same time. Created by a team of international artists and sung in English, Russian, Chinese, and "Martian," Three Astronauts gives the space race a melody and the communication and alliances between people, nations, and universes a visual narrative. —Daniella J.

Primetime, by Ryan Waller

Primetime is a small, street-level project-space in Brooklyn that embraces the limitations of its size and location in order to put on engaging, innovative film screenings, book launches, artist residencies, concerts, and whatever else they dream up. Past contributors have included local/great names like Zach Baron and Jenny Mörtsell, and the future seems nothing but bright. I am a fan of physical spaces where creators and thinkers can encounter each other, and Primetime seems, for lack of a better word, "prime" for just that. I support! — Cassie M.

The First 70, by Heath Hen Films

Growing up in suburban California, it's sometimes hard to remember just how incredible the state's natural scenery can be. That's why you take your parents' car out to Highway 1, drive along the cliffs and through the foggy mountains and redwood forests, stopping at oyster farms and strawberry fields and the hundreds of state parks that contain them. But these parks, sadly, are being shut down by the state government, and so Lauren Valentino, Jarratt Moody, and Cory Brown are making a film about the fight to stop it. If you weren't already convinced of California's beauty and the necessity of saving its parks, watch this project video. You will be. — Nicole H.