New Projects Are Quick and Dirty

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Every week, Kickstarter staff collect a few of our favorite, recently launched projects to share with the masses (we can't help it — we get excited!). You can check out our choices this week, below, but make sure to stop by our Discover page to find even more. So many good projects, so little time!

Quirk and Dirty: a total Exquisite Corpose Animation, by Gina Kelly

The game of exquisite corpse can breed such fascinating results, and only more so along the temporal plane. This project video begins with a fire-gazed brusher of teeth, and doesn’t relent until something else happens. Well, there are things that don’t happen, and then something else, but I won’t spoil it. This got me thinking about tooth brushing in general. My parents taught me, but who taught them? — Cooper T.

Small Air Kites_Float Beijing, by Deren Guler

Okay yeah, I love kites. But it's even better when the kites do unexpected, crazy things beyond just flying in the air. FLOAT Beijing is a cool interactive project that combines traditional Chinese kitemaking with microcontroller technology to monitor air quality in China, a topic of hot discussion these days. A special module is attached to the kites, which will be flown into the night sky. LED lights on the kites will change color to reflect the detection levels. Pretty cool, right? For $25 you can even get your own kite handmade by Chinese Kite Master Old He, who as far as I know isn't my grandfather, but it sounds nice regardless! — Nicole H.

Crystal Bacon, by Greg Kiesow

When you were a kid you probably made Christmas ornaments? Maybe they were pretzel wreathes. I definitely made a few pretezel wreathes. Maybe they were trees made out of pipe cleaners. Made some of those too. But what you probably didn't make, and in retrospect, should have explored, is crystal bacon. Yep. Crystal bacon. It's exactly what it sounds like. Slithering strips of bacon in pure crystal form. Luckily, one man in Chicago has gone out of his way to explore this idea, so much so that he's done it a few times to much applause. Now that man, Greg, and his wife Brittney, are going to personally make them for backers. The result: a Christmas tree garnished with crystal bacon wonder. Just in time for Christmas in July. — Mike M. 

American Motel, by Eric Cousineau

I have a dumb affection for motels. I just like their sameness and their strangeness — they all have these identical bones, but seem to absorb the distinct air of whatever mild and middle-of-nowhere province they happen to be occupying. It's sort of like they're fossils that were scattered by chance via some distant space event, and have gradually grown similar to the landscape around them. Dramatic? Yeah, told you it was a dumb affection! Anyway, it appears that photograph Eric Cousineau and I share a similar romantic sentiment, and his collection of photographs from motels all across the country are a striking reflection on that. I'm truly taken with them! — Cassie M. 

GAYLE Season Two, by Chris Fleming

Gayle Waters-Waters is a suburban hausfrau with an appetite for Chobani-flavored destruction. She wakes up every day at 5am to snort lines of Kashi Good Friends, power walk around the neighborhood and wreak havoc on her well-meaning children and her husband "DAAAAAVE." Gayle, the webseries based on our unlikely heroine, is the brainchild and alter ego of the hilarious, flaxen-haired comedian Chris Fleming. Season One has already taken the internet by storm (and almost made us spit out our iced coffee), and Season Two promises to bring the LOLs as well, just with slightly better audio. Just watch the video, people. — Meaghan O.