New Projects Are On The Down Low(Line)

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Every week, Kickstarter staff collect a few of our favorite, recently launched projects to share with the masses (we can't help it — we get excited!). You can check out our choices this week, below, but make sure to stop by our Discover page to find even more. So many good projects, so little time!

Duo Scorpio's First Recording, by Kristi Shade

Katie and Kristi were born on the same day and both play the harp. They met in New York City while getting their Master's degrees and have since performed with Florence and the Machine at the Met Gala, for Metro Harp New York, and orchestrally at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. Despite all this harp playing, they've found a cavernous void in the contemporary harp repertoire. Hence their current raison d'être: to expand the duo harp repertoire by commissioning new works and arranging existing ones. Hence their currently funding Kickstarter campaign: Duo Scorpio's First Recording!  Daniella J. 

I Love Naps, by Dustin Gatchell

Do you love Naps? I do. I often think about how naps are wasted on those who don't want them. (ie. children) During naptime in kindergarten I would fake sleep because I didn't want to sleep in the
class, and I thought all the kids sleeping around me were lame for not staying up and chilling. Flash forward to 2012 and I haven't had a legit nap in quite some time. I would kill for a nap right now. If I had an I Love Naps sticker, everyone around me would know I am itching for a nap and maybe that would make them take a nap, and then we could nap, potentially resulting in a new found siesta culture for America. A boy can dream. — Mike M. 

LowLine: An Underground Park on NYC's Lower East Side, by Dan Barasch

Okay this one is exciting! The folks behind the LowLine project are seeking to build a park UNDERGROUND on the Lower East Side of NYC. This also just happens to be the neighborhood that Kickstarter HQ calls home! Also the neighborhood we wander around in during lunchtime in the warmer months, looking for a nice place to sit. We never find one! This neighborhood is growing (and hopping!) and filled with so many wonderful examples of community. Just no benches. You can imagine why so many people are excited to support the LowLine, which will be under the historic Delancey St. at the site of an abandoned trolley depot (so cool!). They'll have all kinds of fancy ways to bring in light and make it a cool place to be, and hopefully a nice place to sit and have lunch all year round. Meagan O. 

Dubstep in Starbucks, by PAZ

This project is impossibly likable to me. LA-based musician PAZ produced his first mixtape between his bedroom and his garage, put it out in the world, and — woah — 500,000 downloads later, he's ready for round two. A few of you may already know him (he once stole Paris Hilton's birthday cake and gave it to homeless people), but if you don't, you'll probably be just as taken with his unassuming sweetness and earnest desire to simply make some music. I love the break down of different ways he tried to raise money before he came to Kickstarter. (Having previously been employed by Warner Music Group, I specifically appreciated the moment when he is followed out of their lobby by security.) I also love that he is finally on Kickstarter! — Cassie M. 

Slurricane #3, by Will

Will's work embodies many things I love: weirdness, crudeness, total oddness, 'zines, you know, etc. His exceptional brand of strangeness has always been on full display over at his blog, but he's often found himself having to water it down in order to make print copies (there are budgetary concerns over using color and sizing issues to contend with). Well, let me speak for an entire sub-culture of wacky fans when I say "Hooray!" that he's come to Kickstarter to help publish his next issue, which will include brightly colored illustrations, more pages, and, in general, more damn copies. I can't wait to weird people out by leaving this lying around the office. — Cassie M.

The Audacity of Louis Ortiz, by Ryan Murdock

We're all biting our nails to see who's going to win the big election this year, but not many people have as much riding on Obama's win as Louis Ortiz does. The former phone technician is an (almost) spitting image of the POTUS, and has been making a living out of impersonating him since 2008. Ortiz has been riding the up and down waves of Obama's career, and filmmaker Ryan Murdock has been alongside him capturing his story since May 2011. Now is a critical time for Murdock is continue filming Ortiz's journey as he rises or falls with our current president. The first part of the story was told in a lovely segment on This American Life, but hopefully for Ortiz, it's far from over. — Nicole H. 

Gypsé Eyes the Food & Drink Issue, by Tyler Lafreniere

Gypsé Eyes is an art publication that explores issues of sex and love, and their Food Issue promises to be "mouth-wateringly tasty (if not always tasteful... wink wink)!" For me, that's the equivalent of "You had me at hello." Even if these guys didn't already have several great projects, resulting in several great issues, under their belts (ahem), I would still want to be all up on them. Plus, an issue is only ten bucks. What's not to love? The above shot is actually from The Makeout Issue, but it involves eating so I think it's still applicable. — Cassie M. 

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