New Projects Are Migrating Murals

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Every week, Kickstarter staff collect a few of our favorite, recently launched projects to share with all of you. This week we have artwork that traverses both the highways and the decades, plus new music from an old favorite, and a bring-it-anywhere bag. Check 'em all out, below!

ART: The Migrating Mural, by Jane Kim

Jane Kim is an artist and science illustrator who believes the connection between people, art, and The Earth is extremely important and worthy of celebration. I agree with her, which is why I love her Migrating Murals series so much. Over the course of a year, she'll create four pieces along California Highway 395 that will serve to highlight one of the most remarkable, but least recognized, behaviors of the animal world: migration. Focusing specifically on elusive and endangered species, like the Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep, she'll be careful to place her art in highly public places, where they'll be sure to inspire curiosity, awareness, and awe in passerby. 

COMICS: Doug TenNapel Sketchbook Archives, by Doug TenNapel

Doug TenNapel likes to draw. A lot. In his decades long career as creator of shows like, ahem, Earthworm Jim, he's accumulated over 40 notebooks of sketches, doodles, and comic snippets. In fact, he even admits that a lot of his most successful characters started out as mere inklings in these very sketchbooks of his — only one of several reasons why the prospect of having an entire hardbound book collecting the Best Of his personal work is so appealing. Other reasons include: his incredible talent, his sense of humor, and the thrilling sense of insight into one of the more wonderfully creative minds of our generation. 

FASHION: Blank Brand Bags and Accessories, by Matt Geiger

The Blank Brand bag is appropriately simple. A sleekly designed bag, made from one of several different environmentally friendly or upcycled materials, and featuring interchangeable sleeves along with extra pockets, so that you can store all kinds of stuff throughout the course of a day and night. Because I'm super unfussy with my accessories, it's lovely to think I could finally, truly have a one-tote-fits-all solution. This thing looks good grocery shopping, bar hopping, workday wearing, and etc. I love it!

MUSIC: Paula Cole: New Independent Album, "Raven," by Paula Cole

Like me, you may have grown up with a television show called Dawson's Creek. If so, you were undoubtedly familiar with Paula Cole and the lilting, catchy tune "I Don't Wanna Wait," which the series employed as its theme song. But if you were also like me in the way that you went with your Mom to Lilith Fair concerts and worshipped just about any female who picked up a guitar and wrote her own songs and was a little bit stubborn about it, then you were probably familiar with a whole lot of other things that Paula Cole sang, did, drew, and produced. It's been a little over a decade since then, but my inner 13-year-old is still just as thrilled to see Paula Cole putting out her sixth studio album independently, via Kickstarter. The wait is over!

FILM: Bring Brooklyn Castle to the People! by Rescued Media

You may remember Brooklyn Castle from a few prior, successful Kickstarter projects. A documentary about the challenges (and triumphs!) faced by a champion junior high school chess team, the film went on to premiere at SXSW and show as part of Rooftop Film's Summer Series, plus win tons of critical praise from all across the board. But no matter where the film has gone, there's never been a question of where it came from: a loyal community of people fervently interested in the future of these kids, and after-school education at large. Hence, why it's so exciting to see the filmmakers back on Kickstarter to fund screenings for community events, classrooms, conferences, and more. This is an important, thought-provoking film that everybody should see!

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      Great learning about Paula Cole latest project! Thanks for sharing Cassie. As an independent musician I too got a break on Dawson's Creek which played my song Broken Boy. Kickstarter is a small world =)

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