New Projects Are Memory Maps

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Every week, Kickstarter staff collect a few of our favorite, recently launched projects to share with the masses (we can't help it — we get excited!). You can check out our choices this week, below, but make sure to stop by our Discover page to find even more. So many good projects, so little time!

1,000 Student Projects to the Edge of Space, by John Powell

The inside of a PongSat, one of the ping pong-like objects being sent into space.
The inside of a PongSat, one of the ping pong-like objects being sent into space.

We've had a handful of projects on Kickstarter that involve sending various objects into outer space, and all of them have been AWESOME. This one is no exception. And it involves ping pong balls. Creator John Powell and his all-volunteer aerospace company have sent up 6400 "PongSats" so far, giving lucky students the chance to send their own ping pong ball, filled with whatever they like (think secret messages, popcorn, and Powell's favorite: marshmallows), right up into space. This September they're setting out 1,000 more, so now's your chance! — Meaghan O. 

My Memory Map: An Illustration Book, by Alice Chiang

Growing up in Taiwan, illustrator Alice Chiang recorded her life and memories through drawing. Her illustrations are charming and colorful, poignantly capturing her experiences in both Taiwan and the US. Instead of letting her memories float in the fuzzy void of the past, Alice puts them on paper and is throwing them together in a book called My Memory Map. It features her various memories in the form of adorable maps, like her dad's scooter map, pet map, grandma's breakfast map, and more. Cute, right? This is definitely one of those projects that make you feel all warm inside.  — Nicole H. 

Monster Pack of Tattoos, by Tattoo Club

Ever want to delve into the world of temporary tattoos but can't really vibe on unicorns and zombies? No worries, as the tattoo club in Salt Lake City has got you covered with a variety of Monsters, 16 in all, created by a group of likeminded, yet individualist artists and graphic designers. These aren't your standard temporary tats, more like miniature animated characters that happen to live on your arm, or leg, or ankle, rather than a TV screen or a comic book. Imagine what could happen if they banded together to form a sleeve down your arm? Hilarity, and awesomeness, ensues. — Mike M.

The Adventures of White Cat Volume 2, by Ben Rosen

There's a lot of elements to White Cat that are really appealing to me, namely that he is a Vespa-riding crimefighter who wears jeans and a t-shirt for a costume. In other words: seemingly ordinary, even in superhero guise, but still capable (even accidentally) of extraordinary things. Also, it was an ongoing joke in college that the "Cassie uniform" was shorts and a tank-top. So I feel like White Cat and I could understand each other. Or, at least, that I could laugh at his jokes and his zany adventures. Creator Ben Rosen says that future tales will include White Cat switching bodies, going to space, and being overtaken by ghosts. To that I say: sign me up.  — Cassie M.

BROBOT: Open-Source Robotic Drummer, by Poleshadow

Brobot is a midi-controlled, open source robotic drum kit. As a huge fan of both science fiction and of drumming (or just making a lot of noise while pounding on things, either/or ya know), I am a HUGE fan of this project. How cool of a future would it be to be able to build yourself your very own drummer? And what could be next? I am only envisioning a fleet of hyper-intelligent drum machines that we are sending into space as representatives of the human species when we first make alien contact. It's all just a pledge, plus my first DIY robotic drum kit away. — Cassie M.

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